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Back in March, I wrote about how cybercriminals are using previously-unknown malware to avoid detection from traditional security products.

While conventional anti-malware protection is vital as a first line of defense, organizations need additional ways to combat today’s targeted, unknown malware.

Unfortunately, many next-generation solutions designed to deal with these kinds of threats are too expensive and too complex for many businesses to consider.

Sophos Sandstorm can help

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How Sophos Sandstorm protects your business against unknown threats (VIDEO)

sophos-sandstormCyberattacks that use unknown malware to evade conventional protection are a growing threat, and many businesses are considering next-generation sandbox solutions to deal with these unknown threats.

But these technologies are often too complex and expensive for many businesses to consider. This is why we’ve developed Sophos Sandstorm – to provide the advanced protection organizations need, while also making it simple and affordable to buy and maintain.

Your business needs a range of security technologies to stay protected against known and unknown threats: URL filtering, AV scanning, Live Protection and IPS are all critical to your protection.

These technologies are complemented by Sophos Sandstorm’s next-generation sandbox, which provides you with your own dedicated environment to quickly and accurately detect, block and respond to unknown, evasive threats.

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Sophos expert James Lyne talks mobile and Internet of Things security at #MWC16 (VIDEO)

Sophos security expert James Lyne spoke during a keynote session on the Internet of Things at this year’s edition of Mobile World Congress, sharing a sampling of his research on the startling security immaturity of IoT devices.

Although James says he’s a big proponent of the IoT, of mobile applications, and the possibilities these technologies bring, his research shows how a number of them fail even the most basic security tests.

According to James, many of today’s IoT devices make it too easy for malicious hackers. James has seen massive security failures such as devices with hardcoded passwords, some exposed to vulnerabilities that should have been patched long ago, and others communicating across the open Internet unencrypted.

You can watch James’s brief but entertaining talk in the video embedded below. He explains his discoveries and shares his insights into how and why IoT and mobile security went so wrong, and what we can do to get it right.

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Watch these videos to see how to get started with your XG Firewall

XG FirewallThe new Sophos XG Firewall combines a number of technologies that will be familiar to both Sophos UTM and Cyberoam users, while adding a variety of new concepts and innovations.

To help you, we’ve kicked off a series of “How-To” videos that we expect to grow into a comprehensive library over time. The initial set of videos covers a variety of Getting Started and Networking topics that should help those who are new to XG Firewall get up and running smoothly.

As an example, here’s one of the videos that covers how to make the most of the new Control Center and Main Menu Navigation.

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Your firewall and endpoints are finally talking (funny videos)

XG Firewall is Big NewsOur new Sophos XG Firewall with Security Heartbeat™ is really big news. Bigger than man-eating spiders, Elvis coming back, or an alien invasion. OK, we’re exaggerating. But it is a big deal – because your network firewall and endpoint security can finally talk to each other.

We’ve already explained some of the innovative new capabilities you’ll get with the XG Firewall, and talked about why we think our vision of synchronized security is a game-changer for the industry and for our customers and partners.

Now we want to show you what firewall and endpoint talking to each other looks like, in a fun way. Yes, security is a serious business. But we’re not afraid to have a sense of humor. And because Sophos makes security simple, IT admins have time to take a break now and again. So kick back and watch a few of our quirky videos.

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What Sophos senior management is saying about our vision of Synchronized Security (Video)

chat-bubbles-150A lot of people are talking about our new Sophos XG Firewall with Security Heartbeat™ and our vision of synchronized security. Our customers and partners, industry analysts, and the security press are talking about it. There’s a buzz in the air.

And with good reason. You hear phrases like “revolutionary,” “game changing” and “the next thing in next-gen.” Synchronized security is very big deal.

It took all of us at Sophos coming together to execute our strategy of synchronized security. But who better to talk about what synchronized security means for us, and the broader security industry, than those who set the vision and strategy that guide our company? The Sophos senior management team, led by our CEO Kris Hagerman, recently sat down to record their thoughts in a short video.

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Are you guilty of delinquent web filtering? Follow these 3 tips to secure the web

deadly-it-sin-web-filtering-150Web filtering used to be rather easy – IT departments could block inappropriate categories of websites like adult, gambling, and perhaps social media, and the job was done.

More recently, however, cybercriminals have begun to infect large numbers of users on the web by compromising legitimate sites that you probably don’t want to block with strict browsing policies.

In fact, SophosLabs detects 20,000 to 40,000 malicious URLs every day – and 80% of those are compromised legitimate websites. Web filtering that only blocks dodgy sites won’t keep users safe from web-borne threats.

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