Sophos UTM and Mobile Control – Better together for Mobile NAC

mobile-plus-utm-150In a recent survey conducted by Sophos on Spiceworks*, 42% of respondents said that Mobile Network Access Control (NAC) was the feature they would most like to have integrated into their next firewall.

Wishful thinking? Not at all – we can offer you that today.

Read on to learn more about how Sophos Mobile Control and Sophos UTM now work better together to protect your network from mobiles running wild.

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UTM Up2Date 9.2 Released

I am pleased to inform you that after a extended beta-period and also many thousand of customers already working with the soft-release version, today we have released Sophos UTM 9.2 to our Up2Date servers.

This major update to our UTM line introduces exciting new features like Advanced Threat protection, a new and intuitive Web Policy Management, Two-Factor-Authentication to name only a few and offers increased performance in throughput and reporting. Read on for download information, release notes, and all the details…

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Introducing the Sophos SG Series – our fastest appliances ever!

utm-sg-series-boxWe’re very proud to announce a new generation of network security appliances: the Sophos SG Series. Engineered on the very latest Intel technology, they’re built to provide optimal performance, versatility and efficiency to meet the growing security needs of organizations of diverse sizes. Read on for a message from Guenter Junk, General Manager and Senior Vice President, Network Security Group, introducing our fastest appliances ever.

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The results are in: New SG Series appliances beat the competition

miercom-verifiedWhen it comes to security products performance really matters. At Sophos, we prioritize performance so that our products don’t get in the way of a user getting on with their work. Our products are both effective and fast — with no need to turn off features to maintain speed.

In our recent UTM 9.2 release we accelerated our Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) — to do so we made changes to the underlying engine and worked at making our IPS smarter with new optimized default rule sets. We’ve been getting great reports from customers and partners about the speed boost they’re seeing.

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The wait is over: Introducing Sophos UTM Accelerated (9.2), our best UTM release ever

utmacceleratedToday is the day we announce UTM Accelerated (9.2) to the world. If you’ve been following our blog series over the past couple of weeks, you’ll already know about many of the excellent new features we’re introducing. However, you may still be asking yourself why we’re calling this version of our UTM “accelerated” and how you can get hold of this great new software. Read on.

Why “Accelerated”?

This release is all about shifting up a gear to more quickly recognize a broader range of threats and rapidly alert administrators to allow them to isolate infected systems. It’s about accelerating scanning speeds – in particular for IPS – to ensure the optimal use of resources in every deployment scenario and the best possible performance. And it’s about streamlining administration processes to provide simple yet more effective security.

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What’s new in Sophos UTM Accelerated (9.2): #7 – Safer Web Application Firewall

UTM-9.2-saferThis blog post continues our series introducing the great features you can look forward to in the upcoming UTM Accelerated (9.2) release. I’ll explain how we’re making the web application firewall safer, all in the name of keeping your web services safe from hackers.

A web application firewall (WAF) is a critical defense against the ballooning problem of web-based malware. Hackers are taking over legitimate websites and services at an unprecedented pace to host botnets or distribute malware. Where do you think they find all these websites and services that are ripe for exploitation? I hate to say this, but it’s not always “the other guy’s company” that gets hacked.

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What’s new in Sophos UTM Accelerated (9.2): #6 – Faster IPS scanning for improved performance

UTM-9.2-Accelerated-faster-performanceThis blog post in our series on UTM 9.2 covers a much discussed topic in the network security world: performance. It’s one of those things that customers either don’t care about at all, or it’s at the top of their list of buying criteria. Unfortunately, it’s also an area where there are many misconceptions. So does performance really matter? And if yes, why?

To answer the first question; yes, performance matters. But some throughput numbers matter more than others, and if taken out of context, they matter much less. You need to look at your individual environment to fully understand your requirements.

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