UTM 9 Flow Monitor known issue

nsgAfter updating to v9.318 or v9.352, you may see a “Backend connection lost” message after opening the Flow Monitor and WebAdmin may stop working.

The issue occurs when clicking on “flow monitor” from the Dashboard or when browsing to Web Protection > Application Control.

If a “Backend connection lost” message is displayed, please re-log into the WebAdmin console.

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UTM Up2Date 9.350 Released

nsgWe’ve just released a new Up2Date package for all UTM 9.3 users. It introduces several feature enhancements and improvements for our current UTM platform.

Please note that this is a mini-feature release, which is a little different from how we have done Up2Date releases in the past. This release does not explicitly add new features to the product, but it adds or enhances capabilities to several existing features.

For more details, please consult the knowledgebase article, and the notes below.

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