US infrastructure is at ‘red alert’ for hacking, James Lyne warns on the Today Show

The recent WikiLeaks drop of CIA documents has raised awareness of the reality of cyber-threats and espionage, and how digital infrastructure in America and around the world is under threat thanks to hacking attacks and ransomware, James Lyne told Tom Costello on NBC’s Today show.

In the two-part segment, James and Tom Costello talked about the threats and took a closer look at ransomware.
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Spreading the word about cybersecurity – Sophos featured on NBC’s “The Hacking of America”

james-lyne-today-show-150In case you missed it, NBC aired a series called “The Hacking of America” that highlights some of the big cybersecurity risks we encounter every day – credit card fraud, unsecured Wi-Fi, and the growing threat of malicious smartphone apps.

Cybercrime is definitely big, headline-grabbing news lately, as data breaches from Target to Anthem have compromised the personal and financial information of millions of consumers. We’re helping people fight back with the tools and information they need to stay secure.

James Lyne, Sophos global head of security research, is featured in the segments, which appeared on the TODAY Show and NBC Nightly News. James showed NBC’s Tom Costello how easy it is for hackers to harm us.

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Sophos on the TODAY Show: That free open Wi-Fi could cost you your identity

Wi-Fi dangersAlways on the go, but need to stay connected? It might be tempting to log on to free open Wi-Fi networks at airports, cafes and other public hotspots. Don’t do it – those networks offer no protection against hackers looking to steal your identity.

Sophos security expert James Lyne drove home that point on the TODAY Show, as he demonstrated how easy it would be for a cybercriminal to intercept communications on open networks to steal passwords and bank account details.

Just like his previous research experiments in cities like London and San Francisco, James set up an open Wi-Fi hotspot in New York City to see how many people would connect to his network. The results might surprise you.

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Sophos expert on the TODAY Show explains “how to protect yourself from hackers”

james-lyne-today-show-150Being on the front lines of security means bringing the expertise of our researchers and experts to the public.

So we were thrilled to get a call from NBC’s the TODAY Show to explain how unsecured Wi-Fi connections can reveal a lot more about you than you might like — and how hackers can use that information to compromise your identity and steal your private data.

James Lyne, global head of security research at Sophos, explains in the segment how hackers can discover your name, home or business address, and past Wi-Fi connections; and read your emails, see your passwords, or attack you with phony websites to get at your bank accounts and more.

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