Sophos XG Firewall beats out Fortinet, Dell SonicWall and others in performance tests

Miercom testMiercom, a leading, independent test center, recently conducted a comparative test of UTM/Next-Gen Firewall appliances from leading network security vendors including Sophos, Fortinet, Check Point, Dell SonicWALL and WatchGuard.

Miercom ran an extensive set of tests, including raw firewall throughput at a variety of real-world packet sizes. We were pleased with the results, as our XG 135w outperformed similar competing models in all tests by a significant margin. (See comparison chart below)

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Follow these best practices to secure your data in the cloud

cloud-aws-best-practicesThere are many misconceptions about cloud security, and it starts with basic misunderstandings about what “the cloud” even is.

Essentially, the cloud is anything hosted and accessed virtually. Webmail systems like Gmail, and social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are in the cloud. Really, the entire internet is the cloud!

As Sophos experts explain in a new whitepaper describing best practices for cloud security, the most important thing to remember is that when you put data in the cloud, you need to understand how it’s being protected. You shouldn’t assume that security is being taken care of for you.

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How Sophos Sandstorm protects your business against unknown threats (VIDEO)

sophos-sandstormCyberattacks that use unknown malware to evade conventional protection are a growing threat, and many businesses are considering next-generation sandbox solutions to deal with these unknown threats.

But these technologies are often too complex and expensive for many businesses to consider. This is why we’ve developed Sophos Sandstorm – to provide the advanced protection organizations need, while also making it simple and affordable to buy and maintain.

Your business needs a range of security technologies to stay protected against known and unknown threats: URL filtering, AV scanning, Live Protection and IPS are all critical to your protection.

These technologies are complemented by Sophos Sandstorm’s next-generation sandbox, which provides you with your own dedicated environment to quickly and accurately detect, block and respond to unknown, evasive threats.

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Sophos UTM Elevated 9.4 is now available!

UTM Elevated 9.4After a successful beta, we’re pleased to announce the initial availability of UTM Elevated 9.4.

UTM 9.4 elevates protection against targeted and evasive threats with the addition of Sophos Sandstorm, supports the latest RED 15w and AP 15C hardware, and adds some of your top requested features.

Here’s everything you need to know about the roll-out of UTM Elevated 9.4.

In this initial soft launch phase, you can download the 9.4 Up2Date package and apply it to your existing UTM 9.35 device, or download the full 9.4 ISO installer for new software or virtual deployments.

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An important announcement about XG Firewall and UTM 9 maintenance releases

chat-bubbles-150We’re pleased to announce our first maintenance release for XG Firewall today, with a number of important fixes to improve the operation of your firewall. We also wanted to take this opportunity to outline our release notes strategy for future firewall and UTM releases.

For major feature releases, we will continue to publish notifications here on the Sophos Blog highlighting the new features and capabilities, with links to the complete release notes on the Sophos Community Forums.

For all maintenance releases, we will soon begin publishing notifications and release notes on the Sophos Community Forums only, so we encourage you to subscribe to the community product blogs to keep up with all the latest releases.

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