What’s next for the Internet of Things?

We’ve all heard of the Internet of Things, or IoT.

What we aren’t yet quite sure of, however, is what actually qualifies as an Internet Thing.

Granted, it will have some kind of computer chip inside it, and you can hook it up to a computer network rather than just running it isolation.

For example, you get home thermostats that are considered IoT things, and baby monitors, and smart TVs, and webcams.

To that you can add light bulbs, doorbells and even kettles (no, we don’t know why, either)…

…as well as cars, trucks and heck, by some accounts, perhaps even power stations.

So there doesn’t seem to be any limit on the size, or price, or form, or function, of a “thing.”

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Malvertising – learn more about this pernicious problem

Malvertising is short for “malicious online advertising”, and it’s a pernicious problem.

Simply put, it’s a way for crooks to infect innocent visitors via your website, to poison your website’s online reputation, and to trash your brand…

…without going anywhere near your servers, and without tripping any alarms on your own network.

All the crooks do is buy ad space from an ad network and start placing ads – because ads, very loosely speaking, are tiny little web pages of their own that appear in ad-sized windows on other people’s websites.

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Get up to speed on the great “Backdoor” debate – listen to our webinar recording

The second webinar in this week’s Security SOS series is in the bag!

In episode #2, Sophos VP of Product Management John Shaw took on the question, “Can you strengthen security by weakening it?

As John quipped privately before the recording, “This really ought to be a really quick interview where all I have to say is ‘No.'”

Yet there is a lot of pressure on security vendors these days over what are known as backdoors.

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