What should you expect from a next-gen endpoint protection solution?

this-is-next-genEveryone knows that traditional antivirus isn’t enough to stop today’s advanced threats, so endpoint security vendors are hoping you’ll consider their “next-gen” solutions. But what exactly does “next-gen” mean, and what capabilities should you expect?

At Sophos, we believe next-gen endpoint protection means an integrated system of technologies that protect against all stages of an attack:

1. Prevention: Stopping malware before it can execute.
2. Detection: Identifying quickly when malware is deployed.
3. Response: Taking action instantly when malware is detected.

Let’s take a quick look at the capabilities your endpoint protection needs to counter threats at each stage.

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Got malware? Get Sophos Clean

Sophos CleanIf you think your antivirus alone is enough to stay safe from today’s advanced malware threats, you might want to get a second opinion.

Today’s malware is difficult to detect, difficult to remove and difficult to recover from. We estimate that less than 10% of all the new samples analyzed by SophosLabs is previously known malware. You wouldn’t want to gamble with those odds, and you surely don’t want to gamble with your endpoint security.

Sophos Next-Generation Endpoint Security uses signature-less threat detection and response capabilities to better protect you against zero-day attacks, advanced threats and crypto-ransomware that can evade traditional, signature-based endpoint products.

Now we’ve added another tool to our arsenal. We’re calling it Sophos Clean, the next generation of malware detection and removal tools.

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What Sophos can do for you this Data Privacy Day

Data Privacy Day

Data Privacy Day is a strong reminder that our privacy is becoming ever more important.

The amount of data we’re collecting continues to grow, along with the variety of platforms for storing, processing and sharing it.

We might choose to think of data privacy in terms of how it affects us all as consumers, yet privacy is important to businesses, too.

Businesses keep all kinds of sensitive information on their customers, store personal data about their employees, and create valuable information and intellectual property that need protection.

So, to mark Data Privacy Day, here are some of the ways that Sophos can help businesses keep data private and secure.

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We just made our next-gen endpoint offering even stronger with our acquisition of SurfRight

Whatever we’d like to say about today’s adversaries, it’s impossible to say they’re not innovative. The attackers are always moving and evolving, creating new strains of malware to get around defenses, using sophisticated techniques and automated tools that make their malicious code hard-to-detect and impossible to ignore.

Staying ahead of advanced threats means we in the IT security business need to be constantly innovating and evolving too. At Sophos, our engineers are always working to develop the next-generation technology that makes us leaders in the industry. And sometimes, we go out and acquire companies that have technologies that complement our own and help us create even better products.

We have been on a mission to build or buy the very best next-gen endpoint security products in the world. Price is no object. And after an extensive search, we found that a small company in the Netherlands called SurfRight actually had the very best technology that mapped to our desire for industry leading, next-gen endpoint protection.

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Sophos gets top scores for endpoint protection from AV-Test – again!

AV-Test certifiedFor the third straight time, Sophos has earned 6 out of 6 points for protection in AV-Test’s independent evaluation of endpoint protection products.

Our Sophos Endpoint test results show that we detected 100% of zero-day malware attacks in both September and October.

This is now six straight months of 100% detection in “real-world testing.” The “widespread and prevalent malware” test is now reported with an extra decimal place of precision, so instead of our previous 100% (rounded), we’re now at 99.7% in September and 99.9% in October.

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Introducing the XG Firewall with Security Heartbeat – synchronizing network and endpoint security

heartbeat-150Sophos is a great place to work on any day but today is particularly exciting. It’s the day Sophos revolutionizes the IT security industry. Yes, that’s a big claim, and one many security vendors have made over the years.

But the release of Sophos Security Heartbeat™ today means, for the first time ever, network and endpoint products can to talk to each other and share intelligence to improve protection, and that’s a very big deal indeed. Let me explain why.

For years, security vendors have responded to increasing threats by sticking Bandaids over new points of infection as they emerge. And when that becomes ineffective, some next-generation Bandaids come along to fix the problem. The industry just keeps on asking customers to add more layers of security.

The strategy of adding layer upon layer of disparate security technologies really is no longer practical or effective. It’s costly, complex and out of reach for the vast majority of businesses who simply don’t have the resources to deploy, maintain and coordinate all these products. At best, the result is disjointed security that may defeat separate elements of the threat, but fails to provide the complete visibility and control necessary for rapid response and remediation.

This is where Sophos’s revolution begins. Today we’ve released the world’s first Synchronized Security products. Sophos XG Firewall and Sophos Next-Gen Endpoint with Security Heartbeat™ finally break down the wall between network and endpoint security, allowing independent endpoint and network security products to join forces for the first time.

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