Anti-malware is imperfect but still necessary. Here’s why

Doctors sometimes make mistakes that harm the patient. Police often fail to protect and serve. When that happens, people rightly demand the failures be analyzed and fixed. But no one ever calls for the elimination of all doctors and police.

Why then, do some call for the end of antivirus and anti-malware when failures happen? It’s a question that has vexed us for a long time.

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6 ways Sophos Home can keep your kids safe this school year!

Sophos HomeIn many parts of the world right now we are right in the middle of back-to-school season. Kids are getting excited to see their friends again and head back to the classroom, and are preparing for the best possible experience in school this year.

But what about at home? With so much of a child’s social life, homework and playtime happening online nowadays, you want to make sure their experience on the internet is as safe and fun as possible.

We have a number of tips that your kids can use to be safer online and on social media. But no matter how careful or internet-savvy your kids might be, criminals are always coming up with new ways to cause problems and find their way into your home computers.

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Sophos detects 100% of Android malware in independent test – for the sixth time in a row

AV-Test mobile certifiedI have some great news for users of Sophos Mobile Security, our Android antivirus and security app. Independent IT security institute AV-Test has awarded Sophos another perfect protection score in a July 2015 test of mobile antivirus applications – the sixth test in a row where we scored 100% detection.

Although we’ve aced this Android security test every time for the past year, this particular test was actually quite different from the previous tests run by AV-Test. And we think the difference is really important.

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Why choose Sophos Endpoint Protection? User-based licensing

5 reasons to choose Sophos Endpoint ProtectionMore and more people are using multiple devices — a laptop for the office, a tablet for customer visits and a smartphone for everything in between.

Our per-user licensing for Sophos Endpoint Protection is affordable and simple to administer. You can protect all your users’ Windows, Mac and mobile devices together. And users can add devices without adding to your security overhead.

Recently we conducted a survey of IT managers to find out how they’re handling the growing challenge of device diversity across their organizations.

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Don’t believe these four myths about Linux security

Linux security mythsWe are well into the 21st century, but it is astonishing how people can still believe that Linux-based operating systems are completely secure. Indeed, “Linux” and “security” are two words that you rarely see together.

Just as some people believe Macs are immune to viruses, some Linux users have the same misconception – and who can blame them? After all, vendors have been telling them that for years.

In 2012, after an exponential rise of OS X malware (such as MacDefender and Flashback), Apple decided to change its homepage by removing sentences like “It doesn’t get PC viruses.”

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Are you protecting your Macs? See how to avoid “Mac malice” and other IT sins

Deadly IT sin: Mac maliceMacs are gaining ground on PCs everywhere, including at the office. Companies are adopting programs that allow users to bring their own devices, or choose the corporate-owned devices they prefer.

When given the choice, many employees are going with what they have at home, and picking Macs over Windows computers. With more Macs, that means extra challenges for IT, from troubleshooting to security.

You’ve heard of the seven deadly sins. We think the 7 Deadly IT Sins are pretty bad too – and neglecting security on Macs is a sin we call “Mac malice.”

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Why choose Sophos Endpoint Protection? Lightning performance that won’t slow users down

5 reasons to choose Sophos Endpoint ProtectionOur customers rely on us for innovative protection against today’s evolving threats. And with Sophos, there’s no need to compromise on performance.

We know performance matters. Users want their security to operate quietly in the background so they can focus on their jobs, without lagging performance due to software updates and virus scans.

Sophos Endpoint Protection is lightning fast, runs well on older systems, and updates quickly with low system impact. You don’t have to believe us – independent tests prove it, and our customers back it up.

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