5 great new things in Sophos Mobile Control 5

SMC 5Today we’re announcing the availability of Sophos Mobile Control 5, which redefines how organizations secure mobile devices by focusing on users and the way they work.

By securing devices, content, and applications with a user-centric approach, Sophos Mobile Control 5 (SMC 5) makes compliance with corporate security policy simple for both administrator and end users across iOS 8, Windows Phone and Android platforms.

To get you acquainted with what’s new, here are 5 great things about SMC 5.

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Why choose Sophos Endpoint Protection? Sophisticated simplicity

Sophisticated simplicity“Sophisticated simplicity” sounds like a bit of a paradox. How can something be sophisticated and simple? At Sophos, we bring simplicity to everything we do. It’s easy to use our innovative protection – that’s the sophisticated part – because our products are designed with you in mind.

Sophos is a snap to set up and manage, with just a few clicks. Let’s take a look at how easy it is to use the management console – in both our on-premise and cloud-managed solutions – to give you a better idea of what “sophisticated simplicity” means in action.

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Sophos products and the GHOST vulnerability affecting Linux

nsgIn the last couple of days, a widespread Linux vulnerability known as GHOST has been receiving a lot of attention in the security community. In theory, this vulnerability can allow an attacker to remotely execute code on a Linux computer. There is already proof of concept code that puts this theory into practice, and it is expected that real world attacks are just around the corner.

The Sophos product teams have been thoroughly investigating to determine which of our products are affected and what is necessary to address those that are.

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What you need to know about the Bash “Shellshock” vulnerability

nsgIn the light of the recent Bash vulnerability known as “Shellshock” (CVE-2014-6271 and CVE-2014-7169), here’s the reality instead of the hype.

Shellshock is a newly-discovered vulnerability in Bash (the Bourne Again Shell), one of the most commonly used shells on Linux, UNIX and OS X.

Although it can be exploited in some cases, the good news is that not all implementations can be exploited, and only certain services and applications allow a hacker to exploit this issue.

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Windows XP retirement: reminder, Java support has also now ended

xp-retirementWe may yet be accused of “going on” about the recent retirement of XP, but we feel justified in doing so as any systems you have that are still running XP will become more vulnerable over time.

Last week we saw a reminder that Oracle will not be issuing an update to Java on XP on the 15th July when it releases its regular update.

When we asked SophosLabs what they thought about Java on XP and the change in support status, they said that Java had been hard work even for supported operating systems – and so with no support for Java on XP there was no prospect of it getting any better.

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Windows XP retirement: What we recommend for security

xp-retirementFor many of you, Microsoft has retired your favorite operating system, XP. I say favorite since about 20% of the Windows PCs out there are still running some variant or other of XP, from Home through to embedded, and we don’t see that changing any time soon.

The vast majority of customers will by now have swapped out the systems where they are using XP as a standard desktop for something newer – probably Windows 7 or 8. Those that haven’t are possibly unaware of the risks or else have some kind of bespoke application installed that means that they cannot easily move to a later operating system.

The fact is that XP will no longer get updated (Microsoft released an update for IE including in XP after the end of support, but is not likely to do so again). Perhaps it will be seen by some as not important enough to warrant the investment in change. However, PCs now running XP are at a greater risk than ever of compromise – despite Sophos and other security vendors continuing to offer protection against malware.

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New features available in PureMessage for UNIX v6.1

puremessageWe’re pleased to announce the availability of PureMessage for UNIX v6.1, including a number of new enhancements you – our customers and partners – have requested.

Of course, we encourage you to keep your PureMessage infrastructure up to date. Updating to the latest version gets you all the new features and technology improvements.

If you’re still running v5, we advise you to review the Getting Started Guide and plan your move to v6 at your earliest opportunity.

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