Sophos collects awards for our lightning-fast firewall, and top-notch Naked Security blog

award-winnerWe were humbled to receive two great awards at RSA Conference in San Francisco this week – one recognizing our super-fast SG 230 firewall, and another award praising our best-of-breed Naked Security blog.

First off, we were pleasantly surprised at our booth by Rob Smithers, CEO of Miercom, who presented us with a Performance Verified award for our SG 230 firewall.

Miercom took our appliance through its paces last year and the test results were impressive.

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Would you mail your confidential business plans on a postcard?

Deadly IT sin #4: Unencrypted emailAs much as we complain about email as an annoyance, a distraction, and a productivity killer, we depend on it for vital business and personal communications. We might hate email, but we’d probably be lost without it.

What many people don’t realize is that email is quite old as a technology, and it’s very insecure. Not only are spam and phishing rampant, email snooping is a problem, too.

Because email traverses the Internet in plaintext, it’s only as private as sending a postcard. If you’re not encrypting your email, what you might think is a private communication could be read by anyone – whether it be Google, the NSA, or perhaps one of your competitors.

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Unsecure Wi-Fi – are you guilty of this “Deadly IT Sin”?

unsecure-wi-fi-sin-150Recently we focused on the threat of unprotected Wi-Fi networks to individuals – regular people who might not realize that using free public hotspots found at coffee shops and elsewhere actually leave them open to cyberattacks.

What sometimes goes unmentioned is that those Open Wi-Fi networks leave the owners of those networks vulnerable too.

Unfortunately, many small businesses (and even some bigger ones) fail the wireless security test – they’re guilty of one of the more common of the “7 Deadly IT Sins.”

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Sophos on AWS comes to Germany

aws-1Earlier this week, Amazon Web Services announced the availability of the AWS Marketplace in Frankfurt, making it the ninth region to offer direct deployment of our popular Sophos UTM and other security products for AWS.

This is fantastic news as compliance with Germany’s stringent data residency and sovereignty regulations poses a material challenge that limits many global and European customers’ ability to realize the flexibility, scalability and economics offered by AWS and the security of Sophos.

The AWS Frankfurt region is fully compliant with all applicable EU Data Protection laws, so customers can now use Sophos security products and other software from the AWS Marketplace without data compliance concerns.

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Sophos on the TODAY Show: That free open Wi-Fi could cost you your identity

Wi-Fi dangersAlways on the go, but need to stay connected? It might be tempting to log on to free open Wi-Fi networks at airports, cafes and other public hotspots. Don’t do it – those networks offer no protection against hackers looking to steal your identity.

Sophos security expert James Lyne drove home that point on the TODAY Show, as he demonstrated how easy it would be for a cybercriminal to intercept communications on open networks to steal passwords and bank account details.

Just like his previous research experiments in cities like London and San Francisco, James set up an open Wi-Fi hotspot in New York City to see how many people would connect to his network. The results might surprise you.

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