Sophos named a Leader in the Forrester Endpoint Wave 2016

2016q4_endpoint-security-suites_113145We know you face a challenge choosing the right security for your business. You’re buying something to protect you against the unknown, so how do you know what is the right product to buy?

We’re bound to tell you that our products are the best. That’s why it’s important for you to hear independent opinions too.

We’re so delighted to share that Sophos is cited among vendors who “lead the pack” in The Forrester Wave™: Endpoint Security Suites, Q4 2016 report from Forrester Research, Inc.

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How Sophos helps our own employees to stay safe

sophos-shieldSophos is the same as any other business – we need to keep our employees (and the company) safe, while at the same time we need to give people the freedom to do their jobs.

Our employees want to be helpful, perform well, and give good support to their co-workers, clients and customers. But good nature is exploitable and it’s those easy-to-exploit characteristics that social engineers seek to tap into.

As an attacker, it’s usually easier to try and push past a human than to try and push past a machine. Unless we understand the tactics and techniques of cybercriminals, people may well fall prey to attacks and put the company at risk at the same time.

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Encryption now available in Sophos Central

scde_blog_graphicCab rides, airport security, busy cafes, hotel rooms, airplanes; all can be very treacherous places for laptop computers. Each year, millions of laptops are lost, stolen or simply left behind, with many of them containing important and sensitive data.

Full-disk encryption is the essential first line of defense for protecting data in any of these events and, plainly speaking, it should be used for all business computers.

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Get Sophos certified with the Sophos Certified Administrator training program

Customer TrainingToday, we are excited to launch the Sophos Certified Administrator training program.

Open to all customers, this new certification offers you complete training on Sophos products. You’ll have the opportunity to learn about the full range of features, and how you can harness these to get the most out of your product.

Training can either be completed as e-learning, vouchers for which can be purchased from your partner, or in a classroom via our network of Authorized Training Centers. You can find your local Authorized Training Centers from the Partner Locator or by emailing us at

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What is…an exploit?

shutterstock_189045062Most cyberattacks involve criminals exploiting some sort of security weakness.

That weakness could be down to a poorly chosen password, a user who falls for a fake login link, or an attachment that someone opened without thinking.

However, in the field of computer security, the word exploit has a specific meaning: an exploit is a way of abusing a software bug to bypass one or more security protections that are in place.

Software bugs that can be exploited in this way are known as vulnerabilities, for obvious reasons, and can take many forms.

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Watch now – Sophos Intercept X in two minutes!

sophos-intercept-x-icon-150Today’s cybercriminals are more sophisticated than ever, and next-generation attacks call for next-generation solutions.

Launched last week, Sophos Intercept X is a completely new approach to endpoint security.

It features signatureless anti-exploit, anti-ransomware and anti-hacker technology that includes visual root-cause analysis and advanced malware cleanup – all managed via the Sophos Central Admin console.

No other solution on the market offers so many features in a single package.

Want to know more? Watch our video!

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Introducing Sophos Intercept X – a completely new approach to endpoint security

sophos-intercept-x-icon-150At Sophos, we’re no strangers to next-generation security. You can see it across our entire product line, from our powerful Security Heartbeat technology that leverages Sophos Central to facilitate communication between endpoints and the network, to our advanced behavioral analytics and malicious traffic detection features (and a whole lot more).

Today, with the introduction of Sophos Intercept X, we’re taking a massive leap forward in next-generation protection – not just for Sophos, but across the entire security industry as a whole.

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