How to ensure you’re not part of the next botnet

The Internet of Things (IoT) holds a great deal of promise to make everyday devices much easier to use, control, program, and access remotely. From “smart” home thermostats and refrigerators to lights and automobiles, there’s remarkable potential to make our lives easier — but there’s also untold risk that these devices can bring to our day to day lives. Since so many IoT devices are (by their nature) connected to the internet, if they’re not properly secured, they can be easily hijacked by attackers.

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Sophos’s top five tips for securing NHS organisations

In my role, I visit NHS sites across the UK on a daily basis and organisations are increasingly asking me how they can stay protected against today’s growing threats, including ransomware. Cyber security is now becoming a board-level issue and organisations are concerned with keeping systems functioning so that patient care can continue uninterrupted.

Next generation products can be added to your security armoury that will further enhance your defences. These include anti-exploit and anti-ransomware protection, such as Sophos Intercept X at the endpoint and sandboxing such as Sophos Sandstorm at the gateway.

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Consumers fear a cyberattack over a physical attack, but what are they doing about it?

Soph HomeWorking day in day out with IT departments around the world to keep cyber attacks at bay, we at Sophos understand what worries them about the ever-changing threat landscape, the effect a malware infection could have on the running of the business and the work the departments do to keep their businesses ticking over.

But, it is consumers who are the most susceptible to malware, ransomware and other cyberattacks. Without an up-to-date knowledge of the cyber security industry or the benefit of an IT department quietly looking after their backs, the role of ‘IT support’ often falls to the one person who holds the most knowledge. However, that person might not have the time, possess the self-assurance or even the know-how to look after a whole ‘family and friends’ network of computers.

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Independent testing: Intercept X makes the grade!

ESG LabIf you read the Sophos Blog, you will undoubtedly be aware of how our next-gen endpoint solution can protect you and your business. Sophos is really proud of Intercept X and genuinely believes it’s the best product of its kind out there.

However, we realise that you may want to hear independent opinions as well, which is why we’re pleased to share ESGs Lab’s report with you.

When carrying out the testing, Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) observed Sophos Intercept X’s performance as well as its agility, usability and reliability in detecting and preventing genuine advanced threats and signatureless exploits.
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Get under the skin of ransomware

RansomwareIn 2016 alone, hackers have taken over $1 Billion in the form of ransoms from users trying to retrieve their files after being infected with ransomware.

Ransomware is the most successful malware attack today. It works by locking up your files and crippling your systems until you’ve handed over money.

And, one of the biggest problems in the fight against ransomware is the constantly reinvented attacks. Cybercriminals are finding new methods of spreading the malware, evading detection and even developing ransomware that deletes itself as soon as files are encrypted so that even IT security teams are unable to uncover what variant is on the system.

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Join our webcast: Stop the Exploit. Stop the Attack.

WebcastWe know ransomware is one of the biggest threats facing organizations today but the security industry has traditionally struggled to keep up with this sophisticated, ever-changing attack. Until now.

Deploying a range of innovative next-gen technologies to block all kinds of advanced attacks, Sophos Intercept X is designed to stop ransomware in its tracks. It gives you comprehensive protection from rootkits, zero-day vulnerabilities, malicious traffic, and everything in-between.

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