Contain yourself! 6 things you’ll love about Sophos Mobile Control 6.0

SMC 6.0It’s 2016, so why are we still talking about mobile security like it’s a new thing? Maybe it’s because too many organizations still don’t realize the size of the risk, or they just aren’t aware of what their users are up to.

One of today’s biggest threats to the security and confidentiality of company information is data on the move between employee work and personal devices and cloud services.

According to the analyst and research firm Ovum, two-thirds (66%) of employees say they use personal smartphones for work. Yet when asked what percentage of their users are doing work on personal smartphones, employers are way off the mark, saying just 26% of workers do so.

Sophos has an answer for the new mobile reality, enabling the mobile workforce but securing company data without compromise – Sophos Mobile Control (SMC).

We’re already an industry leader and visionary in enterprise mobility management (EMM). And now I’m excited to introduce the newest version of SMC (6.0), bringing a host of new capabilities to keep your mobile workforce secure wherever they work and however they like to work.

You’re going to love the new SMC. These are the top six things that we think make SMC the best tool for mobile management and security, boosting productivity and user convenience, while giving you complete control.

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How third-party testing validates Sophos Next-Gen Endpoint Protection

AV-Test approvedThere’s a lot of noise (or confusion) in the market around what “next-gen” endpoint protection actually is. At Sophos, we believe next-gen endpoint protection must deliver an integrated system of prevention, detection and remediation technologies.

The Sophos System Protector does exactly this. It functions as the “brain” of our endpoint protection by automatically applying the best threat protection based on behavior, analytics, heuristics and many other built-in defenses.

Yet all the science and technology in the world is for naught if the protection doesn’t protect. And independent test houses provide the best assessment of how a product will perform in the real world.

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This infographic shows the state of encryption today

Encryption surveyCyberattacks and data breaches have created a lot negative headlines lately. The good news is that the epidemic of cybercrime has led to a growing emphasis on security in general and encryption in particular.

We wanted to find out just how many organizations are using encryption today to protect sensitive data like customer payment details, company financial records, employee records, and intellectual property.

So we worked with a research company to conduct a survey of IT decision makers at organizations large and small, in various industries, and in six different countries. What we discovered is that the level of encryption in organizations leaves a lot of room for improvement, although there is hope that many companies are moving in the right direction.

You can see the results of our survey in this infographic, and in our encryption survey report. We’ve also put together some free resources, such as videos and guides, to explain how encryption can help you secure your valuable data. Check them out at

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What Sophos can do for you this Data Privacy Day

Data Privacy Day

Data Privacy Day is a strong reminder that our privacy is becoming ever more important.

The amount of data we’re collecting continues to grow, along with the variety of platforms for storing, processing and sharing it.

We might choose to think of data privacy in terms of how it affects us all as consumers, yet privacy is important to businesses, too.

Businesses keep all kinds of sensitive information on their customers, store personal data about their employees, and create valuable information and intellectual property that need protection.

So, to mark Data Privacy Day, here are some of the ways that Sophos can help businesses keep data private and secure.

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Our survey reveals what data businesses are encrypting, what data they’re not, and why

Encryption surveyAt Sophos, we believe you can never have enough encryption. Simply put, encryption is the best way to protect information from loss or theft, the last line of defense against cyberattacks and accidental data exposure.

And yet, we frequently hear about businesses that fail to encrypt their data, often after a devastating breach. Unfortunately, the state of data security today is poor – in 2014, 700 million records were compromised, according to the most recent Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report.

To find out why there are so many data security failures, we conducted a survey of 1,700 IT decision makers, covering six different countries and multiple industries. We asked them what types of data their organizations encrypt, and why they don’t always encrypt everywhere.

The results of our “The State of Encryption Today” survey are instructive, and give us a better understanding of where companies can do better.

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Sophos leads the pack as the only vendor with perfect scores in these two anti-malware tests

endpoint-protection-scoresSophos has just passed with flying colors two important anti-malware tests conducted by the independent tester Dennis Technology Labs – one for enterprise and another for small and mid-sized business (SMB) endpoint security products – earning the highest rating of “AAA” in both tests.

The tests looked at how the products from Sophos, McAfee, Microsoft, Kaspersky, Symantec and Trend Micro fared in real-world scenarios that replicate what a user would experience when encountering an infected website.

Sophos Endpoint Protection received perfect protection scores in both tests, and was the only product tested with a perfect total accuracy rating in the enterprise test. We also were the only vendor to receive a perfect score in both the enterprise and SMB tests.

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The current state of ransomware: TeslaCrypt

ransomware-150So far, our series on the current state of ransomware has taken an in-depth look at three ransomware families: CryptoWallTorrentLocker and CTB-Locker. Today we’ll talk about the variant known as TeslaCrypt.

TeslaCrypt (a.k.a. EccKrypt) is one of the most recent ransomware variants we’ve seen widely that encrypts certain user files and demands a ransom be paid to decrypt the files. Similar to other variants, it uses an AES symmetric algorithm to encrypt files.

TeslaCrypt is distributed widely via the Angler exploit kit and a few other known exploit kits. Using Angler, it exploits Adobe Flash (CVE-2015-0311) and, once successfully exploited, it downloads TeslaCrypt as a payload.

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