Got encryption? Consider these 6 things to choose the right encryption solution

Encryption danceWith the proliferation of data and the need to access it from anywhere at any time, encryption is rapidly emerging as the best place to start your data security strategy.

Despite some common ideas about encryption that it is too complicated to implement or too much of a hassle to manage, that’s not the case with the right encryption solution.

Below are six key aspects to keep in mind while choosing the right encryption solution for your organization.

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Here’s how to prevent a lost laptop from hurting your reputation and your bottom line

EncryptionLaptops are ubiquitous in today’s IT environments. How many of your employees are using laptops in the office, on the road, working from home, or all of the above?

While massively convenient, and a boon to worker productivity, laptops also represent a major liability. They are easy for employees to lose – and easy for a thief to steal.

On balance, most companies likely think the reward is worth the risk. But the risks are significant when you consider all of the valuable data stored on employee laptops, and the potential for data loss and subsequent fines, lawsuits, lost intellectual property and brand damage.

Take the recent example of SterlingBackcheck, a Texas company that provides background screening services to clients around the world.

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Sophos detects 100% of Android malware in independent test – for the sixth time in a row

AV-Test mobile certifiedI have some great news for users of Sophos Mobile Security, our Android antivirus and security app. Independent IT security institute AV-Test has awarded Sophos another perfect protection score in a July 2015 test of mobile antivirus applications – the sixth test in a row where we scored 100% detection.

Although we’ve aced this Android security test every time for the past year, this particular test was actually quite different from the previous tests run by AV-Test. And we think the difference is really important.

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IT security in an era of falling budgets – how is the public sector coping?

public-sector-150In the UK, local government and police IT budgets are under immense pressure due to ongoing cuts – even in the face of rapidly emerging security threats.

To learn more about the unique challenges of public sector organisations, we commissioned an independent survey of 2,728 public sector employees in the UK to discover their views regarding IT security.

Their responses paint an interesting picture of how organisations are seeking to protect their systems and data in the face of diminishing budgets and a more mobile, connected workforce.

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Crowdsourcing threat intelligence with download reputation

SophosLabsLast week, we mentioned that application control is now available as part of a Sophos Cloud public beta. The beta also introduces a new next-generation endpoint protection feature called download reputation.

While it may not sound flashy, download reputation is an important step forward in protecting users from advanced threats, like zero-day malware designed to evade traditional antivirus defenses.

Download reputation crowdsources threat intelligence by drawing on the experience of our global customer base to help determine a file’s reputation. In other words, every user with download reputation enabled helps contribute to the collective security of our customers.

Let’s take a look at how download reputation works.

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Stamp out snowshoe spam with Delay Queue in Sophos Email Appliance 3.9

Delay QueueWe’re pleased to announce version 3.9 of the Sophos Email Appliance (SEA). This update features Sophos Delay Queue technology – a sophisticated enhancement that increases spam detection by as much as 4% and blocks snowshoe spam.

Snowshoe spam is a type of unsolicited bulk email that spreads the load of a campaign over a large number IP addresses and domains in short busts, much like how snowshoes distribute your weight as you walk on snow.

Snowshoe spam campaigns only run for a few minutes at a time. This technique has proved to be a challenge for traditional anti-spam approaches of content analysis and IP reputation-based systems.

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You asked for application control in Sophos Cloud – try it now in beta

Application control is one of the most popular features of our on-premise Endpoint Protection product – so popular, in fact, that we are frequently asked when it will be available in Sophos Cloud.

Well, we’re happy to say that we’ve launched a public beta of application control for Sophos Cloud.

Application control allows IT admins to monitor and optionally block users running specific applications on their Windows computers. For example, if your business is standardized on Internet Explorer 11, you can prevent users from running Chrome, Firefox and older versions of Internet Explorer.

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