Sophos Mobile Control has same-day support for iOS 9 – why you should upgrade

Sophos supports iOS 9Apple has just released the new version of its mobile operating system, iOS 9, and many iOS device owners can’t wait to get it. That’s why we’re happy to offer same-day support for iOS 9 in our mobile products.

If you’re managing iOS devices with Sophos Mobile Control (SMC) or Sophos Cloud Mobile Control, you can upgrade immediately to iOS 9.

No reconfiguration is needed for already-managed iOS devices – they’ll just report the new version number. Users can enroll new iOS 9 devices as usual.

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Independent tests show Sophos Endpoint beats the rest in usability

Tolly usability reportWe’ve been saying it for years: simple security is better security. We design our products with the IT professional in mind, and the result of our efforts is the most usable security products on the market.

You don’t have to take my word for it: independent testing house Tolly has just published a report comparing the ease of use of our endpoint products to that of our competitors. And the proof is plain for all to see – Sophos Endpoint Protection and Sophos Cloud require the fewest steps to deploy, manage and use.

The report compares Sophos Endpoint Protection managed by Sophos Enterprise Console and Sophos Cloud against on-premise endpoint solutions from Intel Security (McAfee), Kaspersky, Symantec and Trend Micro. It focuses on tasks related to three areas: deployment, management and visibility.

Overall, both Sophos products required fewer steps than the competing solutions to complete the different tasks (see table below).

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Here’s why complex security and endusers don’t mix

ComplexitySecurity is really all about your endusers. And that’s a problem, because when one user does something wrong, it has the potential to bring down the whole company.

Security companies have been trying to deal with the user problem for decades, but they’ve been going about it the wrong way.

The way most security vendors design their products is to wrap your endpoints – and your users – in layer upon layer of security. But the time, cost and complexity of implementing a whole bunch of additional layers of technology can be overwhelming.

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Open Wi-Fi, the public cloud, and unencrypted files – oh my!

data-thief-150As I write this, I’m working on a company laptop from my home. Earlier today, I was working from a Starbucks. I’m glad Sophos allows me to telecommute on occasion, but it does bring up some common security concerns.

With employee work arrangements growing more flexible, devices and data are leaving the safe confines of the company network. How can you make sure your precious data is secure?

We put together a video that shows how encryption protects your data against some all-too-common (and all-too-human) security failures.

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Got encryption? Consider these 6 things to choose the right encryption solution

Encryption danceWith the proliferation of data and the need to access it from anywhere at any time, encryption is rapidly emerging as the best place to start your data security strategy.

Despite some common ideas about encryption that it is too complicated to implement or too much of a hassle to manage, that’s not the case with the right encryption solution.

Below are six key aspects to keep in mind while choosing the right encryption solution for your organization.

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Here’s how to prevent a lost laptop from hurting your reputation and your bottom line

EncryptionLaptops are ubiquitous in today’s IT environments. How many of your employees are using laptops in the office, on the road, working from home, or all of the above?

While massively convenient, and a boon to worker productivity, laptops also represent a major liability. They are easy for employees to lose – and easy for a thief to steal.

On balance, most companies likely think the reward is worth the risk. But the risks are significant when you consider all of the valuable data stored on employee laptops, and the potential for data loss and subsequent fines, lawsuits, lost intellectual property and brand damage.

Take the recent example of SterlingBackcheck, a Texas company that provides background screening services to clients around the world.

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Sophos detects 100% of Android malware in independent test – for the sixth time in a row

AV-Test mobile certifiedI have some great news for users of Sophos Mobile Security, our Android antivirus and security app. Independent IT security institute AV-Test has awarded Sophos another perfect protection score in a July 2015 test of mobile antivirus applications – the sixth test in a row where we scored 100% detection.

Although we’ve aced this Android security test every time for the past year, this particular test was actually quite different from the previous tests run by AV-Test. And we think the difference is really important.

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