Synchronized Security: A revolution in protection

heartbeat-150For decades, the security industry has been treating network security and endpoint security as completely different entities. It’s just like putting one security guard outside the building and another inside the building, but not allowing them to talk to each other.

What if we started over with a fresh and radical approach that delivered better protection by enabling automated and real-time communication between network and endpoint security solutions. One that was synchronized across the entire threat surface, and highly automated, so it could do all this without adding staff or workload.

To accomplish this, we need a system with the following five attributes.

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Your firewall and endpoints are finally talking (funny videos)

XG Firewall is Big NewsOur new Sophos XG Firewall with Security Heartbeat™ is really big news. Bigger than man-eating spiders, Elvis coming back, or an alien invasion. OK, we’re exaggerating. But it is a big deal – because your network firewall and endpoint security can finally talk to each other.

We’ve already explained some of the innovative new capabilities you’ll get with the XG Firewall, and talked about why we think our vision of synchronized security is a game-changer for the industry and for our customers and partners.

Now we want to show you what firewall and endpoint talking to each other looks like, in a fun way. Yes, security is a serious business. But we’re not afraid to have a sense of humor. And because Sophos makes security simple, IT admins have time to take a break now and again. So kick back and watch a few of our quirky videos.

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Why Sophos partners and customers are so excited about XG Firewall

heartbeat-bubble-150The release of Sophos XG Firewall with Security Heartbeat™ has made some headlines this week, and we’re pleased that analysts like John Oltsik of ESG are giving us great reviews. But real success is measured by the responses of our valued partners and customers.

Here’s some of the things we’re hearing from customers and partners about XG Firewall and our synchronized security strategy.

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What Sophos senior management is saying about our vision of Synchronized Security (Video)

chat-bubbles-150A lot of people are talking about our new Sophos XG Firewall with Security Heartbeat™ and our vision of synchronized security. Our customers and partners, industry analysts, and the security press are talking about it. There’s a buzz in the air.

And with good reason. You hear phrases like “revolutionary,” “game changing” and “the next thing in next-gen.” Synchronized security is very big deal.

It took all of us at Sophos coming together to execute our strategy of synchronized security. But who better to talk about what synchronized security means for us, and the broader security industry, than those who set the vision and strategy that guide our company? The Sophos senior management team, led by our CEO Kris Hagerman, recently sat down to record their thoughts in a short video.

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Sophos XG Firewall: A network security ecosystem with many innovations

xg-firewall-150As I’m sure you know by now, this week we launched our new Sophos XG Firewall with Security Heartbeat.™ But you might be wondering: just what does XG Firewall include, and what other innovations does it offer? So I thought I’d give you an overview of all the exciting new bits and pieces.

To start, it’s important to point out that XG Firewall is more than just a firewall product. It’s an entire network security ecosystem.

XG Firewall Ecosystem

XG Firewall is our new firewall product that is available as a next-gen firewall or a UTM. It can be deployed as a hardware appliance, a software appliance on an Intel compatible server, or as a virtual appliance in your favorite virtual environment.

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Introducing the XG Firewall with Security Heartbeat – synchronizing network and endpoint security

heartbeat-150Sophos is a great place to work on any day but today is particularly exciting. It’s the day Sophos revolutionizes the IT security industry. Yes, that’s a big claim, and one many security vendors have made over the years.

But the release of Sophos Security Heartbeat™ today means, for the first time ever, network and endpoint products can to talk to each other and share intelligence to improve protection, and that’s a very big deal indeed. Let me explain why.

For years, security vendors have responded to increasing threats by sticking Bandaids over new points of infection as they emerge. And when that becomes ineffective, some next-generation Bandaids come along to fix the problem. The industry just keeps on asking customers to add more layers of security.

The strategy of adding layer upon layer of disparate security technologies really is no longer practical or effective. It’s costly, complex and out of reach for the vast majority of businesses who simply don’t have the resources to deploy, maintain and coordinate all these products. At best, the result is disjointed security that may defeat separate elements of the threat, but fails to provide the complete visibility and control necessary for rapid response and remediation.

This is where Sophos’s revolution begins. Today we’ve released the world’s first Synchronized Security products. Sophos XG Firewall and Sophos Next-Gen Endpoint with Security Heartbeat™ finally break down the wall between network and endpoint security, allowing independent endpoint and network security products to join forces for the first time.

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Bloxx end-of-life got you down? Upgrade your web security with Sophos

Secure Web GatewayWeb gateway vendor Bloxx surprised customers with the announcement that it has been acquired, and the current Bloxx product set will be discontinued (“end-of-lifed”).

If you’re a Bloxx customer looking for a web security alternative, we can help you turn an annoying replacement project into an upgrade opportunity.

We all know that web threats and hackers don’t stand still. Sophos is always one step ahead of the threats with advanced web protection powered by SophosLabs intelligence and our Live Protection technology.

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