6 ways Sophos Home can keep your kids safe this school year!

Sophos HomeIn many part of the world right now we are right in the middle of back-to-school season. Kids are getting excited to see their friends again and head back to the classroom, and are preparing for the best possible experience in school this year.

But what about at home? With so much of a child’s social life, homework and playtime happening online nowadays, you want to make sure their experience on the internet is as safe and fun as possible.

We have a number of tips that your kids can use to be safer online and on social media. But no matter how careful or internet-savvy your kids might be, criminals are always coming up with new ways to cause problems and find their way into your home computers.

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IT pros are worried about email security, says survey

Central with EmailToday we officially announced the release of Sophos Email, our brand new secure email gateway solution, as an addition to our Email product range and our Sophos Central management platform.

It’s engineered to provide our leading threat and spam protection to users of Microsoft Exchange Online, Office 365, Google Apps for Work and many other email services. And from what we heard in our recent email security survey, users of cloud-based email services like these are in desperate need of the extra protection it delivers.

We conducted the survey among our Spiceworks community and readers of Naked Security. We’re just starting to analyze some of the results and they make for interesting reading.

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Sophos Mobile Control is named SC Magazine’s Best Buy!

SC BEST BUY logoSophos Mobile Control has been given five stars and the “Best Buy” award from SC Magazine, beating AirWatch, IBM and Citrix in the publication’s latest review of mobile device management solutions.

We’re delighted that Sophos Mobile Control came out on top, and received a perfect five out of five stars in all categories in the July 2016 issue.

The review editors at SC Magazine were full of praise for Sophos Mobile Control:

“Out of the gate we need to say that this product impressed us.”

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Sophos Mobile Security arrives on iOS!

SMSAs a security vendor, we’re often asked, “What about Sophos Antivirus for iPhones and iPads?”

We’d love to oblige, but Apple’s iOS development model doesn’t allow the sort of interaction with the operating system that we’d need to build an effective anti-virus program.

In particular, to qualify for the App Store, an app is limited to its own sandbox, where it isn’t supposed to be able to read or interfere with other apps, or to sidestep Apple’s commercial controls.

That makes it impossible for an anti-virus to analyse other apps, or to hook into the operating system itself to scan files after they are downloaded but before they are used.

In other words, even trusted vendors can’t publish apps that do what you’d expect from an anti-virus – not unless you jailbreak your phone, which opens up a whole heap of security risks on its own.

The silver lining, however, is that Apple’s strict walled garden approach has made it much harder to sneak malware onto iPhones and iPads, so Apple devices have experienced a minuscule fraction of the malware troubles that have beset the Android ecosystem.

Of course, no walled garden is perfectly secure against attackers, and Apple regularly issues iOS updates to close off software vulnerabilities to help keep the bad guys out.

This means that keeping your device up-to-date with the latest iOS version is an important part of staying secure.

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Thoughts on comparative testing

For months, Cylance has sought to dazzle audiences with its “Unbelievable” demonstration, staging well-choreographed battles against other IT security vendors, including Sophos. The exhibition ends with Cylance delivering near-perfect scores while everyone else (predictably) shows lackluster results. Yet when the playing field is leveled, and Cylance’s product comes under real scrutiny, the company cries foul, puts the fear of lawsuits into the minds of its partners, and accuses others of “smoke and mirrors” tactics.

At a recent Cylance presentation during an industry event in Las Vegas, one Sophos customer (from Chicago) in the audience asked to see how the Sophos product was configured for Cylance’s “Unbelievable” demo. On reviewing the settings, the customer discovered that key (and default) protection settings had been disabled. When the customer insisted that Cylance enable the proper default configuration and re-run the test, Sophos beat Cylance. The same behavior has been reported by multiple other vendors, including the disabling of everything other than hash lookups – an unfair test to say the least.

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Sophos Mobile Security gets a 100% protection score…again!

Android Protection AwardFor the 11th time in a row, Sophos Mobile Security has received a perfect 100% protection score in the May 2016 edition of AV-TEST’s “The best antivirus software for Android” comparison, after successfully detecting all of the 3,300+ samples used.

We also scored 6.0 out of 6.0 for “usability,” which includes both performance and false positives (of which we had none). You can read the full test results here.
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Why Sophos is a Visionary in the Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Mobility Management

Gartner Magic QuadrantWe’re pleased that Gartner has named Sophos a visionary in the Gartner 2016 Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Mobility Management Suites*, for the third year in a row. We think this validates Sophos Mobile Control as one of the best mobile management and security products on the market today.

We believe we improved our position in the Magic Quadrant because our enterprise mobility management product, Sophos Mobile Control, offers best-in-class data protection, straightforward management, and comprehensive security. Sophos Mobile Control empowers users to be productive, while keeping business data safe and personal data private.

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