Here’s what Sophos is talking about at RSA Conference 2015

Sophos at RSAIT professionals, security vendors, and the media all converge at RSA Conference 2015 in San Francisco the week of April 20-24th, where Sophos is well represented by our security experts and our great staff.

We’re presenting some new research at the show, so you won’t want to miss our live demonstrations. We’re also sharing all the news from RSA on social media, providing in-depth coverage on Naked Security, and podcasting from the event!

What are we talking about at RSA? Here’s a rundown of the big topics Sophos security experts are exploring.

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5 great new things in Sophos Mobile Control 5

SMC 5Today we’re announcing the availability of Sophos Mobile Control 5, which redefines how organizations secure mobile devices by focusing on users and the way they work.

By securing devices, content, and applications with a user-centric approach, Sophos Mobile Control 5 (SMC 5) makes compliance with corporate security policy simple for both administrator and end users across iOS 8, Windows Phone and Android platforms.

To get you acquainted with what’s new, here are 5 great things about SMC 5.

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Who will cybercriminals target next? (Video)

james-lyne-150Who will cybercriminals target next? James Lyne, Sophos global head of security research, says gangs are creating new ways to attack ever more victims, and improving on the old ways to make more money.

In a new video from the Wall Street Journal, James sounds off on recent and emerging trends in cybercrime, and talks about what’s coming next for security of the Internet of Things (IoT).

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A big win for Sophos sales chief Mike Valentine – CRN Channel Madness Champion

Mike Valentine - CRN Channel Madness ChampionThe first-ever CRN Channel Madness Tournament of Chiefs started with 32 of the industry’s most influential channel chiefs, a field that included executives from tech giants like IBM, Verizon, VMware, Cisco, Citrix, HP and Palo Alto.

It ended with one – Mike Valentine, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Sales at Sophos, who was crowned champion after besting Verizon’s Adam Famularo in the finals.

Each victory through five rounds of voting demonstrated the quality of the relationships and engagement we’ve built with partners, employees and other members of our community.

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Why choose Sophos Endpoint Protection? User-based licensing

5 reasons to choose Sophos Endpoint ProtectionMore and more people are using multiple devices — a laptop for the office, a tablet for customer visits and a smartphone for everything in between.

Our per-user licensing for Sophos Endpoint Protection is affordable and simple to administer. You can protect all your users’ Windows, Mac and mobile devices together. And users can add devices without adding to your security overhead.

Recently we conducted a survey of IT managers to find out how they’re handling the growing challenge of device diversity across their organizations.

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World Backup Day – why backups are so important, and some data protection tips for businesses

World Backup DayEvery day businesses are creating and accumulating data they need to protect from loss. Of course it’s absolutely vital to prevent data from getting out of your organization – but are you sure you can get it back if you do lose it?

The growing threat of ransomware like CryptoLocker and CryptoWall in the past couple of years has underscored the importance of backups, but it’s not only malware that can destroy your important files. There are many ways to lose data, from theft or accidental loss of a device to device failures and natural disasters.

Backups are critical for keeping your business up and running when a data disaster strikes. So, in recognition of these stark facts, and with a nod to World Backup Day, we’re providing some helpful tips on how to preserve and protect your data.

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Unsecure Wi-Fi – are you guilty of this “Deadly IT Sin”?

unsecure-wi-fi-sin-150Recently we focused on the threat of unprotected Wi-Fi networks to individuals – regular people who might not realize that using free public hotspots found at coffee shops and elsewhere actually leave them open to cyberattacks.

What sometimes goes unmentioned is that those Open Wi-Fi networks leave the owners of those networks vulnerable too.

Unfortunately, many small businesses (and even some bigger ones) fail the wireless security test – they’re guilty of one of the more common of the “7 Deadly IT Sins.”

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