How to keep your data from ending up in the wrong hands

unencrypted-files-sin-150It’s safe to say that no business wants to end up like Target, Sony or Anthem. Those companies suffered massive data breaches at considerable cost – from fines and legal fees, to loss of reputation, and fleeing customers.

Increasingly, businesses are recognizing that data loss prevention requires security on multiple levels, from protecting the data itself, to the devices where it is stored, and the people who access it.

Data encryption is essential for keeping your data secure as it moves from one place to another. Because encrypted information is only readable by people with the ability to decrypt it, data becomes useless if it’s lost or stolen.

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Check out this infographic showing the history of mobile threats, 2004-2015

mobilecontrol5It’s been about a decade since we began seeing threats to mobile devices, and a lot has changed in the intervening years. The brief history of mobile threats goes back to 2004 when the first mobile virus appeared, called Cabir, attacking Symbian phones.

In case you thought Apple iOS devices were immune, jailbroken iPhones are ripe targets for viruses and worms like the ones that showed up in 2009 called Ikee and Duh.

Since about 2010, Android malware has dominated the mobile threat scene, which makes a lot of sense when you consider that Android represents more than 80% of the global smartphone market. So far, SophosLabs has seen 1.5 million samples of Android malware – a much smaller number than Windows threats, but the growth rate is accelerating rapidly.

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Do these 3 things to help your family and friends stay secure

dothese-3-150Are you the unofficial IT support person for your friends and family? If you know a thing or two about computers, mobile and other smart devices, you’ve probably had to get friends and family out of tech trouble on occasion.

Maybe you’ve done some troubleshooting with the family printer – or perhaps you were asked to clean up your friend’s PC that got hit with a virus (he wasn’t doing anything wrong, he swears!).

Well, we’re offering three simple things you can do to help those you care about with the often baffling problems of online security.

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Watch this video to understand the upcoming EU Data Protection Regulation

eu-data-protection-150Are you aware of the upcoming EU Data Protection Regulation and what it means for your business?

The EU is getting tougher on the need to secure personally identifiable information, and the upcoming legislation will introduce fines of up to €100 million for personal data breaches.

The good news is that you can mitigate the risks. Encryption, which keeps data secure even if it gets lost or stolen, should very greatly reduce the likelihood of fines even if a breach does occur.

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Watch out for these 3 firewall failures (Video)

Faulty firewallIt may look like an unassuming box in the server room, but your firewall is your gatekeeper, your first line of defense, shielding you from the bad stuff on the outside world of the Internet.

When firewalls first came into use, it simply meant blocking certain kinds of traffic. Today’s “next-generation firewalls” need to do a whole lot more.

As threats become more advanced, firewalls have to keep up with new capabilities. But there are several ways your firewall can fail you – here are three of the biggest.

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Which countries top the new Dirty Dozen spam list?

spamp-2015-q1-150SophosLabs tracks huge volumes of spam from around the world, and once in a while we pause to take a look at the countries sending the most spam  – we call it our Dirty Dozen Spampionship.

In the results for the most recent quarter (January, February and March 2015), we found that the biggest spam-relaying country in the world is the United States, once again. Vietnam has climbed to number two, followed by Ukraine, Russia, South Korea, and China rounding out the top six.

Check out the rest of the list and you see some familiar places and some countries that come and go from the Dirty Dozen:

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Sophos collects awards for our lightning-fast firewall and top-notch Naked Security blog

award-winnerWe were humbled to receive two great awards at RSA Conference in San Francisco this week – one recognizing our super-fast SG 230 firewall, and another award praising our best-of-breed Naked Security blog.

First off, we were pleasantly surprised at our booth by Rob Smithers, CEO of Miercom, who presented us with a Performance Verified award for our SG 230 firewall.

Miercom took our appliance through its paces last year and the test results were impressive.

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