Not all ransomware tools are created equal

sophos-intercept-x-icon-150In case you hadn’t heard, ransomware is big, big business. In 2016 alone, ransomware payouts are closing in on the billion-dollar mark, with a whopping 70% of companies reporting that they paid to have their maliciously-encrypted data liberated after being hit.

We’re not talking chump-change, either. For many businesses, these payments can and do routinely land in the tens-of-thousands-of-dollars range.
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Consumers fear a cyberattack over a physical attack, but what are they doing about it?

Soph HomeWorking day in day out with IT departments around the world to keep cyber attacks at bay, we at Sophos understand what worries them about the ever-changing threat landscape, the effect a malware infection could have on the running of the business and the work the departments do to keep their businesses ticking over.

But, it is consumers who are the most susceptible to malware, ransomware and other cyberattacks. Without an up-to-date knowledge of the cyber security industry or the benefit of an IT department quietly looking after their backs, the role of ‘IT support’ often falls to the one person who holds the most knowledge. However, that person might not have the time, possess the self-assurance or even the know-how to look after a whole ‘family and friends’ network of computers.

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Sophos OEM expands into new opportunities

oemWith an ever-increasing level of sophistication of malware attacks and a continued surge in zero-day threats, networking vendors, cloud service providers and even security companies have to look to strengthen their existing platforms with easy-to-integrate and reliable security solutions.

Sophos has a rich history of developing innovative security solutions for enterprises. Today, our OEM group licenses our solutions to companies all over the world, allowing them to create new products faster, supplement their existing security offerings, and improve overall detection of malicious attacks.

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New SophosLabs research: Exploring the popularity and applications of document exploit builder Ancalog

sophoslabsDocument exploitation is a well-known method of distributing malware in the malware community. A common theory for why crooks use booby-trapped documents is that victims can be more easily convinced to open document attachments than executables.

Word, Excel and PDF documents that contain so-called exploits – active booby-traps – have the added trick of not requiring their victims to manually enable macros, as is often the case for VBA downloaders.

The latest technical paper from SophosLabs explores why we’re seeing more document exploitation malware in the wild, and investigates the long-standing popularity of a document exploitation generator called Ancalog, which is widely commercially available.

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An interview with our new CIO Tony Young

tony-youngWe recently announced the appointment of Tony Young as Global CIO of Sophos.

In his new role, Tony will be responsible for the strategy, security and management of the global IT organization at Sophos.

We met with Tony to say hello, and find out a bit more about him…

Welcome to Sophos Tony! What attracted you to the role of the first ever CIO of Sophos?

Thanks, I’m very excited to be here!

There were a few reasons that I was attracted to working at Sophos. First of all, I love high-tech. I’ve spent most of my working life in the industry and it’s a great place to be. I came to Sophos from GoPro where I was CIO, and working in a consumer business reinforced my excitement for our industry.

When I told people I was off to work for a security company, they asked me why. I explained that I had noticed how fractured many vendors in the security space are. A customer has to buy multiple products and then figure out how to stitch them all together. Everything is separate and you need an army of security professionals to enable and maintain any sort of security when faced with that fragmented approach.

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Sophos Mobile Control offers same-day iOS 10 compatibility

ios-10Apple has made iOS 10 available and will push upgrade notifications out to devices over the next few days. Some early adopters even have iOS 10 already installed!

Good news – Sophos Mobile Control is ready with same-day support of iOS 10. Once iOS 10 is loaded onto your users’ devices, it’ll be supported by all components of Sophos Mobile Control.

For a comprehensive list of iOS 10 features, please visit Apple’s iOS product page. Another good source of information about iOS 10 and the newly-announced Apple gadgets is’s live blog from Apple’s recent iPhone 7 keynote.

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New SophosLabs research: Cryptomining malware on NAS servers worldwide

sophoslabs-150SophosLabs has just released a research paper on a new way that cybercriminals are distributing malware that makes money by “borrowing” your computer to mine cryptocurrency.

The report by Attila Marosi, Senior Threat Researcher at Sophos, investigates the Mal/Miner-C malware, which criminals are using to mine the cryptocurrency Monero.

In this paper, Marosi examines how Mal/Miner-C quietly infects victims’ computers and communicates with host servers to run mining operations covertly in the background.

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