Introducing Sophos Intercept X – a completely new approach to endpoint security

sophos-intercept-x-icon-150At Sophos, we’re no strangers to next-generation security. You can see it across our entire product line, from our powerful Security Heartbeat technology that leverages Sophos Central to facilitate communication between endpoints and the network, to our advanced behavioral analytics and malicious traffic detection features (and a whole lot more).

Today, with the introduction of Sophos Intercept X, we’re taking a massive leap forward in next-generation protection – not just for Sophos, but across the entire security industry as a whole.

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Thoughts on comparative testing

For months, Cylance has sought to dazzle audiences with its “Unbelievable” demonstration, staging well-choreographed battles against other IT security vendors, including Sophos. The exhibition ends with Cylance delivering near-perfect scores while everyone else (predictably) shows lackluster results. Yet when the playing field is leveled, and Cylance’s product comes under real scrutiny, the company cries foul, puts the fear of lawsuits into the minds of its partners, and accuses others of “smoke and mirrors” tactics.

At a recent Cylance presentation during an industry event in Las Vegas, one Sophos customer (from Chicago) in the audience asked to see how the Sophos product was configured for Cylance’s “Unbelievable” demo. On reviewing the settings, the customer discovered that key (and default) protection settings had been disabled. When the customer insisted that Cylance enable the proper default configuration and re-run the test, Sophos beat Cylance. The same behavior has been reported by multiple other vendors, including the disabling of everything other than hash lookups – an unfair test to say the least.

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Gartner names Sophos a Leader in the Magic Quadrant for Endpoint Protection Platforms

Gartner Magic QuadrantWe’re delighted that Gartner Inc. has positioned us as a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Endpoint Protection Platforms,* for the ninth consecutive year.

It’s great to read in the report about the various integrated technology capabilities required for a successful endpoint protection platform. We all know that relying on a single capability in security is risky – signature technology is a great example.

By their very nature, signatures can only detect known threats, so it’s vital for any endpoint protection platform to deliver multiple capabilities to offer the best possible protection.

At Sophos, our next-generation technology is embedded within our endpoint protection solution. The Sophos System Protector works to connect all those capabilities – such as malicious traffic detection, download reputation, behavior analytics and pre-execution file analysis – making decisions in context to give you the best endpoint protection.

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Our survey reveals what data businesses are encrypting, what data they’re not, and why

Encryption surveyAt Sophos, we believe you can never have enough encryption. Simply put, encryption is the best way to protect information from loss or theft, the last line of defense against cyberattacks and accidental data exposure.

And yet, we frequently hear about businesses that fail to encrypt their data, often after a devastating breach. Unfortunately, the state of data security today is poor – in 2014, 700 million records were compromised, according to the most recent Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report.

To find out why there are so many data security failures, we conducted a survey of 1,700 IT decision makers, covering six different countries and multiple industries. We asked them what types of data their organizations encrypt, and why they don’t always encrypt everywhere.

The results of our “The State of Encryption Today” survey are instructive, and give us a better understanding of where companies can do better.

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Answers to your questions about Sophos acquiring SurfRight


I am very pleased to say that we’ve had an overwhelmingly positive response to our announcement that SurfRight is joining the Sophos family, from both SurfRight customers and industry analysts.

I’ve seen a number of great questions raised by SurfRight customers, and I wanted to take a moment to address them here. I can confirm that we are committed to continuing the development and enhancement of the successful HitmanPro product line.

We’re excited about the acquisition of SurfRight because we see a great value in their innovative technology, which we will integrate into our next-generation endpoint solutions for businesses and our standalone tools anyone can use.

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We just made our next-gen endpoint offering even stronger with our acquisition of SurfRight

Whatever we’d like to say about today’s adversaries, it’s impossible to say they’re not innovative. The attackers are always moving and evolving, creating new strains of malware to get around defenses, using sophisticated techniques and automated tools that make their malicious code hard-to-detect and impossible to ignore.

Staying ahead of advanced threats means we in the IT security business need to be constantly innovating and evolving too. At Sophos, our engineers are always working to develop the next-generation technology that makes us leaders in the industry. And sometimes, we go out and acquire companies that have technologies that complement our own and help us create even better products.

We have been on a mission to build or buy the very best next-gen endpoint security products in the world. Price is no object. And after an extensive search, we found that a small company in the Netherlands called SurfRight actually had the very best technology that mapped to our desire for industry leading, next-gen endpoint protection.

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