Amazon Web Services Marketplace evolves to let you launch Sophos UTM easier

They say every cloud has a silver lining, and the powerful things you will find inside the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud excite many. But those treasures need protecting, and Sophos UTM lets you cloak your Amazon infrastructure in layers of security armor. Whether you are new to AWS or a seasoned veteran that knows how to wield their products and services, newly released features of the AWS Marketplace let you deploy select products easier than ever before.

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Sophos UTM Manager Up2Date 4.104 Released

We have released a new Up2Date for our free UTM central management tool – Sophos UTM Manager. Release 4.104 is a bug fix release designed to increase the stability of your SUM 4.1 installation, and should be applied at your convenience. If you manage multiple UTM installations and are not yet using SUM, you can download easily here. Read on for the techy details!

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Sophos UTM in AWS: The world’s first elastic firewall

amazonwebservicesIf you’re familiar with Amazon Web Services (AWS), you love Amazon’s Elastic Computing Cloud (EC2) Auto Scaling. It allows you to scale your capacity up or down automatically, according to conditions you define. And we’re bringing this feature to Sophos UTM for AWS. Now, you can seamlessly scale up during demand spikes to maintain performance, or minimize costs by scaling back automatically during demand lulls.

In our previous blog post, we covered how Sophos UTM and the Amazon Cloud go perfectly together. But we also wanted to let you know we’re actively working to support auto-scaling groups for the Sophos UTM. True to EC2 auto scaling, it will allow you to expand a UTM “swarm” when your network needs it and contract it during lulls to save money.

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UTM 9.2 Public Beta Begins!

We are very excited to unveil the next release of Sophos UTM. Our developers have been hard at work these past months making UTM 9.2 our biggest release so far, and it shows; UTM 9.2 has an amazing array of new capabilities.

The UTM 9.2 Beta is open to anyone who would like to participate throughout the next months leading up to the GA release in early 2014. As always, Sophos UTM is completely free for home use, letting you secure and control your home network. Read on for the full details of how you can get your hands on our latest technology to test before it is released globally.

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Gaining insight from a next-generation firewall

magnifyingglassIn the security technology market we’ve been impressed by the features and functions offered by next-generation firewall solutions, also called application control and application-level security. But you should watch out that you don’t become so enchanted by new features that you lose sight of how this technology benefits your business.

Once you have a new tool like next-generation firewall, it’s tempting to immediately turn on all features and create new security and network rules. But this detracts from the true power of this technology—the real benefit it offers is increased visibility. And that lets you make educated decisions about your security and network policies.

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Sophos UTM Manager 4.102 Released

We have made available an Up2Date for our Sophos UTM Manager. UTM Manager is your tool for centrally monitoring, maintaining, and configuring multiple Sophos UTM installations. This is an enhancement that adds some improvements for the newly-introduced MSP program licensing and billing system. If you offer managed services (or are looking to start) and are interested in signing up as an MSP, you should contact your sales representative at Sophos.

*A note about old SUM versions: SUM 4.1 is a new branch built upon a significantly evolved platform than SUM 4.0. As a result, if you are running SUM 4.0 and wish to move to SUM 4.1, you will need to restore a backup file into a new SUM 4.1 installation. Up2Date from SUM 4.0 -> 4.1 is not/will not be possible.

Read on for extended release information.

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UTM Up2Date 9.103 Released

A new Up2Date is available for Sophos UTM. Release 9.103 fixes some bugs and increases the stability of your UTM 9 installation. We have adjusted the WebAdmin permissions for some of the User Management roles, and introduced some new performance tuning for Intrusion Protection which will be further improved on a continuing basis to optimize this area more precisely per-appliance. We have also adjusted some notifications around RED and VPN tunnels. Read on for the package specifics.

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