UTM 9 Flow Monitor known issue

nsgAfter updating to v9.318 or v9.352, you may see a “Backend connection lost” message after opening the Flow Monitor and WebAdmin may stop working.

The issue occurs when clicking on “flow monitor” from the Dashboard or when browsing to Web Protection > Application Control.

If a “Backend connection lost” message is displayed, please re-log into the WebAdmin console.

The issue will be addressed as soon as possible in one of the next firmware updates. We apologize for the inconvenience caused by this.

Note: Please see our knowledgebase article for more details.

28 thoughts on “UTM 9 Flow Monitor known issue

  1. There will always be some or the other issues with new updates or upgrades.. That is inevitable, however acknowledging that issue exists and giving assurances that it will be looked at asap is what has been missing from Sophos in the last couple of months. Good to see some progress made in this regard. Please remember, communication with your clients is key to a good and loyal relationship.

    • Agree completely. Issues are always going to arise but I feel so much better about then when the manufacturer is up front about the problems. Nice job Sophos.

    • I totally agree. Very good and constructive comment. I hope the responsible sophos people will read this.

  2. There seem to exist an issue with the executive report after the update. It doesn’t show the chart pictures anymore. Is this also a known issue?

    • Hey Raymond, we’re not aware of any issues with the executive report. that may be an isolated issue. Please contact support for further assistance. Thank you!

      • Even I cannot view charts in latest Executive Report. I thought issues could be in my email client but old Exeuctive reports are showing charts perfectly.

      • Hello,

        I confirm that executive report or any other chart (memory swap chart for example) are brocken on my system. If you click on any chart on the main page, the backend error appeared.

        Flow monitor chart is also affected, I can’t view anything on it now.

    • Hi all, Sorry you’re having trouble. Let me check with Support on this and get back to you.

    • Our support has now confirmed that this is connected to the same issue reported in this blog. For critical cases, please contact support, and a manual patch may be applied now, which resolves both the flow monitor and executive report. For everyone else, both will be fixed in the next up2date.

  3. Even, I have received latest report without charts. Initially, I though issue with my email client, but all old reports are showing charts perfectly. Further, if we generate the report through “Generate Report Now” option, it displays reports without charts.

    • Hi, thanks for reporting this to us. We have known about the executive reports as an issue. However, we were unaware of any problems with the dashboard reports. We recommend that you contact Sophos Support for a patch for known issues with reports. If the dashboard issue remains, support can investigate further for you.

      • Sophos support team applied the patch to resolve the flow monitor issue but now all the text in all the tabs under QOS screen have disappeared.

        • Hi, I’d recommend you contact Support again and give them the ticket number from your previous interaction where the patch was applied. Hope that helps.

          • Hi Anna, Sorry, could not updated you on time. I again contacted support and they resolved the issue. Thanks

  4. I went through Sophos support and was told that I should reimage my device a UTMSG135
    I don’t mind doing this but I am not sure when the trouble started, we have version 9.352-6 on the device. and the most current image download is 9.351-3.1. Has any one done this and had it restore the function of the dashboard?

    • I had same problem and contacted support through my partner. After applying patch (took 15 minutes) both the issues resolved (Backend error and missing graphs in Executive Report email) but faced another issue. All the text in all tabs under QOS disappeared. Again raised this issue and perhaps they again patched it. Now everything is working perfectly.

  5. Hi, I am a home user of sophos u.t.m and I had actually installed the latest updates,, “hah stupid me/’, for not looking on the foruns first and trusting that most of these updates work . I would like to know when the fix for the issue above is due for release.?, I have little to no interest in doing a re-install , and frankly If I do it might actually not be a sophos product in future.

  6. Hi,
    I am not sure that the reply I left here was posted correctly last time, I wanted to know what is the release date if any, for a fix for the above issue mentioned.

  7. As a home user, how do I obtain these patches? If, I can’t not get the patches. When will this issue be fixed?

  8. As a home user, how do I obtain these patches? If, I can’t not get the patches. When will this issue be fixed?

  9. Wow, I have been using this product since Astaro version 5. It’s been a good product. It worked great. Now, this issue has been going on since 12/22 and no resolution, just release the patches to the public and give instructions on how to apply. Come on..

  10. Funny thing is new UTM Up2Date 9.353 is Released yesterday and in this update solution for this issue is not addressed/resolved.

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