Coming soon: Sophos ID – One account to access all Sophos web services

SophosIDOver the coming months we’ll be migrating web services used by our customers and partners to Sophos ID, giving you one account to access all the web services you subscribe to.

Beginning in mid-August, we’re enabling login via Sophos ID for MySophos and SophServ. Using your Sophos ID, you’ll also be able to access Sophos Community, a merger of SophosTalk and Sophos FreeTalk. Later this year, we’ll enable Sophos ID for our partners to access the Partner Portal, Cloud Partner Dashboard, and Sophos Cloud Firewall Manager.

Existing accounts for one or more of these services will be automatically moved to Sophos ID, so you won’t need to register for a new Sophos ID account if you have a MySophos account today. For your security, when you log in for the first time you will need to reset your password.

We plan to enable Sophos ID for more web services soon, until all services will be accessed via Sophos ID. We’ll keep you updated on these closer to launch.

UPDATE: Sophos ID is now live for MySophos, SophServ and Sophos Community – please see this blog post for more information.

28 thoughts on “Coming soon: Sophos ID – One account to access all Sophos web services

  1. It might be very useful. However the Sophos ID page keeps refusing me entry, saying that I do not have permission. So, I clicked on Create Sophos ID: it came back saying I already have a Sophos ID (which is true) and offering an email with a link to change the password, which I duly did and was logged in. Fifteen minutes later, I tried to log in again with the new password and it had gone back to refusing entry again, saying that I do not have permission.
    I used to like Sophos……..

  2. Same issue here. No way around it. I have an account but am refused access to support. If I attempt to log in too many times, it blocks me for 30 minutes.

    • Hi ! Can anybody help me. Trying to login using Sophos ID but no success. If try to create a new Sophos ID, it says already exists and if I reset password (did 10 times) , it displayed wrong credential. Any clue ??

      • Hi, we were experiencing a problem with SophosID not accepting logins. This should now be fixed. Please let us know if you continue to receive an error.

    • Hi, I’ve spoken to our support team and there is currently an issue with SophosID not accepting logins. They are aware and working on it. I will keep you updated. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  3. Hi, I’ve the same trouble as described by Robert Mills. My new password carefully written twice didn’t work at all. It’s a
    nightmare. Thanks.

  4. I can’t log in either. I have a Sophos ID, and password- and when I put the password in, it acts like I’m signing in, then just goes back to the log in page and the password box is empty! Argh! I have tried changing my password a couple of times.

  5. I am using a beta version of MacOSX 10.11.4. When will Sophos be updated to wok with the version?
    Also, like others have reported, I cannot access the forum using my ID. It is not being recognised.

  6. Je n arrive pas a utilisé les autres produits sophos, contrôle, e- mà ils, network sécurité le seul qui fonctionne ait sophos sécurité
    Pour contrôle il me demande de scanner le code barre que je ne reçoit pas ou de rentrer les codes reçut par mail ou SMS que je ne reçoit pas. Pour e-mail pas en service et network pas en service urgent besoin de votre aide pour savoir ce qui ce passe merci de répondre vite à c est question et de rétablir les protections

  7. Bonjour je n arrive plus a me connecter aux produits de sophos //contrôle +e mail +network // il y a que sécurité qui marche pour contrôle il demande de scanner le code barre ou le code reçut par e-mail où SMS, mais je ne reçoit rien
    E mail ne fonctionne pas ainsi que network, merci de votre aide urgent pour rétablir les protections

  8. Impossible de me servir de mes protection sophos car il prend mon e mail mais refuse mon mot de passe donc je suis bloqué comme mes applications //pare feu + e mail + contrôle +network et les autres reste en marche sophos sécurité merci de votre aide pour rétablir les protections sophos
    Urgent de me dire comment faire pour pouvoir retrouver les protections.

  9. Hi, I’m having the same problem as everyone else here. When I logged on last night, my username/password was fine (20 char hash of characters for password) worked just fine. This morning, I’m asked to reset my password, which I did, again with a 20 digit of characters/numbers/symbols. It said that this was successful. Now, this is refused as an invalid password.

    Before you send me to the support page, they also want me to login in with the same non-working credentials.


  10. I see the ghost of my old profile still exists, but there doesn’t seem to be any way to reconnect to it. Do I need to start fresh? (yeah, I used to be kinda active, but not in a long time…)


  11. Six months later and I am having the same problem it seems as though you have to create a new ID every half hour on each separate machine

  12. Hi, I’ve the same trouble as unable to login in sophos partner portal. My new password carefully written twice didn’t work at all.


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