Sophos UTM Connected (9.1) – Maintenance release information

This highly anticipated release has had the fastest uptake of any release in our UTM history. In the 6 weeks since release, we have gained over 29,000 active v9.1 installations. We are aware of a number of technical issues and wanted to provide some information on how and when we are addressing these issues. There are two planned UTM 9.1 maintenance releases – the first (v9.102) is available now as an up2date package in the UTM console and the second (v9.103) will be available via Sophos Technical Support this week and made more generally available soon. Between these two updates, the majority of the reported issues are addressed (specific technical details can be found at the end of this message). Read on for all the details.

We are also now seeing the rate of issues reported return back to pre-release levels but will update this page with any new information as necessary.

Sophos UTM 9.1 – Planned Software Releases

Release 9.102 – Available for download now – via Up2Date
We strongly recommend that all version 9.1 customers update to this release as soon as possible. It addresses two key issues:

  • Web Filter problem which can lead to excessive CPU use when RTMP traffic is filtered
  • Potential memory leak in IPv6 installations.

Click here to download

Release 9.103 – Available as manual download; delivered as GA up2date soon in July
Click here to download

This release that addresses a larger number of the lower severity issues, due to the large number of fixes in this release and to ensure we avoid the potential for any further disruption we will initially restrict access to 9.103 by rolling it out to customers and partners through our Technical Support teams starting on June 27. We will make it more generally available as soon as possible after this date.

For full customer and partner visibility, Sophos maintains a list of known issues with the UTM product. We recommend anyone planning a major UTM upgrade to consult the list of known issues (maintained at the link below) to assist in migration planning.

Sophos UTM 9.1 Known Issues List

-Angelo Comazzetto
Sr. Product Manager

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