Sophos UTM 9.100 Technical Notification

Sophos UTM version 9.100 was made Generally Available to all customers last week and thousands of customers have already successfully upgraded and begun to benefit from all the new features. For those of you who have yet to upgrade please find the latest information on support issues encountered by a small number of customers when upgrading along with the status of fixes for these issues. Updates to this information will be posted on the User Bulletin Board at
Update: Soft-release is available, read on for details.

Fixed by 9.101(June) (Released as soft-release for manual download. Check  for more information)

  • 25736: RED firmwareupdate fails if upload takes longer than 3 minutes >> Please contact support for a patch if required urgently.
  • 25787: SSL VPN autopacketfilter rules are not set for backend group objects >>Please contact support for a patch if required urgently
  • 25868: performance regression in ins_accounting(): Postgres running on 100%
  • 25748: Sending overlay-fw on every Takeover/Restart of the UTM takes too long until all REDs are online again >> Please wait about 10 minutes after a reboot/restart
  • 25730 Wifi [AP50] mesh: space in mesh_id leads to a reboot loop >> Please avoid spaces in Mesh IDs
  • 25812 Change Block password guessing to 9.0 default settings

Planned for version 9.102 (June)

  • 25881: Some mailservers fail to establish smtp tls 1.2 connections
  • 25915: eDir SSO not working, because “user” contains the IP address and not the username
  • 25868: Problem with compression feature in SSL VPN using non 9.100 clients >> Please reload the SSL VPN client configuration from the user portal
  • 25945 WAF Uploads are detected as virus infected when DualScan is active

Currently under investigation

  • 25788: Awed dies without coredump and log entry due to large Mac address list. >>Please avoid Mac address lists larger than 200 entries
  • 25804: New APs not accepted by the UTM >> Please contact support including Mac address and serial number of the device
  • 25742: ha: disabling virtual_mac for ha did not result in different mac addresses on master/slave

You can find this information on the Sophos UTM User Bulletin Board, this is also where the latest information will also be posted as it becomes available:
If you are experiencing issues with POP3 proxy with SSL encryption please refer to this recently published knowledgebase article:

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