End of Life for Astaro Security Linux V5 as of 1st October 2007

Astaro announces End of Life for Astaro Security Linux V5 as of 1st October 2007.

 As of this date, the following services for Astaro Security Linux (ASL) V5 will be discontinued:

  • System Up2Dates for new features, bug and security fixes
  • Pattern Up2Dates for AV and spam
  • Documentation updates (i.e. manuals, online help, HCLs and KILs)
  • Support from Astaro support teams
  • License renewals
  • Software downloads

Existing ASL V5 installations will continue to run for as long as subscriptions are valid. This includes access to the Surf Protection online database. The base system itself will not expire. We strongly recommend that ASL V5 customers upgrade to Astaro Security Gateway V7 and take advantage of the enhancements and valuable new features that have been introduced to the security solution. These features include a Transparent Firewall Mode, Dual Virus scanner support, email encryption, SSL VPNs, Active/Active Clustering, an End-user portal, IM/P2P management, OSPF routing as well as many others.

The upgrade is free-of-charge.

In the process of upgrading, we advise customers to setup a completely new system with ASG V7 (without the backup conversion). This is due to the huge amount of changes between the versions.

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