Up2Date 6.302 reloaded

Due to a restart-issue with the Clamav UPX heap overflow-fix we reloaded Up2Date 6.302. Please read on if you use the Open Source engine Anti-Virus engine and installed 6.302 already. If you didn’t install the Up2Date yet, your ASG will prefetch the Up2Date again and install the new one.

You can see the new one on the two notification messages you will get:
First "Wrong MD5sum for local System Up2Date Package" and second a "Prefetched new System Up2Date Package(s)". If you use the Open Source Anti-Virus Engine


and already installed Up2Date 6.302 the AV engine is probably not able activate updated virus pattern, but will run with the current pattern base without problems.

Please reboot your ASG (WebAdmin: System >> Shut down/Restart) and the problem is fixed. If you are not able to reboot your device please contact our support team. There is no functional change in the reloaded Up2Date, its just a small reload fix during the Up2Date process.

We apologize for any inconvenience this issue might cause.

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