Migration Package ASL 2.028 -> 3.208

The Migration Package for upgrading Astaro Security Linux 2.0X to 3.208 is available for download.

We strongly recommend an installation with an Astaro Security Linux 3.2 Installation CD! If this is not possible, please check the hardware compatibility list on docs.astaro.org before starting. Some (rare) hardware supported on ASL 2.0 will not be supported on ASL 3.2.

Please enable WebAdmin access (‘System->Settings’) temporary from "ANY" because of the infrequently case that the numbering of network cards will change. Please reset the WebAdmin access settings after a successful migration to your needs.

After starting migration there is no way back! Your configuration will be converted to ASL 3.2, but all reports and logs will be deleted. A migration takes about 5-10 minutes and includes four automatically reboots.

Please make sure you have a pure Astaro version of ASL (Astaro Logos, Grey background,…) before starting the migration process with the files provided. In other cases please contact your vendor.

The following 9 files are required for a migration from ASL 2.028 to 3.208:

  • md5.sum 363 bytes 
  • initrd.gz 3.028.312 bytes 
  • install.aa 10.485.760 bytes 
  • install.ab 10.485.760 bytes 
  • install.ac 10.485.760 bytes 
  • install.ad 10.485.760 bytes 
  • install.ae 10.485.760 bytes 
  • install.af 9.853.834 bytes 
  • kernel.tar.bz2 1.397.622 bytes

They are available on our FTP/HTTP servers and the mirrors:

The MD5-sums of the migration package files will be checked while the upload to the WebAdmin.

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