Celebrate SysAdmin Day with Sophos – play a retro video game, win prizes!

Retro WeekThis Friday, July 31, 2015, is System Administrator Appreciation Day (SysAdmin Day for short). To show our thanks for all you really hard-working, but totally under-appreciated sysadmins out there, we’re celebrating all day, all night, all week long.

Last year, we gave away some rockin’ socks, and one lucky IT pro in our “Sysmas” contest won our Ultimate IT Throne. We’re stepping it up to a whole new level this year with Sophos Retro Week, throwing back the clock to the 1980s. Because who isn’t nostalgic for bad fashion, big hair, and crazy-fun, 8-bit video games?

We’re giving away a ton more sweet prizes that will make you want to jump in your Delorean and go back in time to 1985!

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Sophos Cloud Server Protection now supports Linux

Linux is widely considered to provide a higher level of security than traditional operating systems.

As a result, security tools such as anti-virus software are often ignored on the Linux platform.

However, Linux is increasingly popular with attackers, because Linux systems are often used for critical roles such as developer workstations, web servers and internal file servers.

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Introducing Sophos Cloud Web Gateway

Sophos Cloud Web GatewayToday we’re pleased to announce the release of Sophos Cloud Web Gateway – the easy-to-deploy, easy-to-trial web security solution you’ve been searching for.

Sophos Cloud has experienced exponential revenue growth – in fact it’s by far the fastest growing Sophos product set. Already, it includes simple and effective endpoint, mobile and server solutions delivered from the cloud. Now it’s time for our Secure Web Gateway (SWG) to go to the cloud.

You may remember late last year Sophos acquired Mojave Networks. Since then, the Sophos and Mojave development teams have joined forces to integrate this great technology into Sophos Cloud. The result is enterprise-class web protection, features and reporting – all with Sophos Cloud simplicity.

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A closer look at the Angler exploit kit

SophosLabsOver the past few years exploit kits have been widely adopted by criminals looking to infect users with malware. They are used in a process known as a drive-by download, which invisibly directs a user’s browser to a malicious website that hosts an exploit kit.

The exploit kit then proceeds to exploit security holes, known as vulnerabilities, in order to infect the user with malware. The entire process can occur completely invisibly, requiring no user action.

In this research article we will take a closer look at one of the more notorious exploit kits used to facilitate drive-by downloads – a kit known as Angler exploit kit (Angler hereafter).

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Crowdsourcing threat intelligence with download reputation

SophosLabsLast week, we mentioned that application control is now available as part of a Sophos Cloud public beta. The beta also introduces a new next-generation endpoint protection feature called download reputation.

While it may not sound flashy, download reputation is an important step forward in protecting users from advanced threats, like zero-day malware designed to evade traditional antivirus defenses.

Download reputation crowdsources threat intelligence by drawing on the experience of our global customer base to help determine a file’s reputation. In other words, every user with download reputation enabled helps contribute to the collective security of our customers.

Let’s take a look at how download reputation works.

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Stamp out snowshoe spam with Delay Queue in Sophos Email Appliance 3.9

Delay QueueWe’re pleased to announce version 3.9 of the Sophos Email Appliance (SEA). This update features Sophos Delay Queue technology – a sophisticated enhancement that increases spam detection by as much as 4% and blocks snowshoe spam.

Snowshoe spam is a type of unsolicited bulk email that spreads the load of a campaign over a large number IP addresses and domains in short busts, much like how snowshoes distribute your weight as you walk on snow.

Snowshoe spam campaigns only run for a few minutes at a time. This technique has proved to be a challenge for traditional anti-spam approaches of content analysis and IP reputation-based systems.

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