How safe are London’s Wi-Fi hotspots? See the results of our warbiking ride (Video)

Warbiking LondonOur World of Warbiking tour cycled through London, UK, where we surveyed the Wi-Fi networks people use everyday as they move about the city, connecting on their laptops and mobile devices. What we found is an enormous lack of security.

The warbiking project involves traveling around the globe, riding the streets of major cities with my computer-equipped mountain bike, and looking for wireless connections along the way to sneak a peek at the companies and regular people who are using them. (Don’t worry, it’s all perfectly legal.)

What we found is somewhat alarming, if not downright scandalous. People in London, much like their counterparts in San Francisco, are all too happy to connect to unsecured wireless networks, without using encryption. It’s an invitation for a cybercriminal to do harm, even though many people don’t even know it.

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UTM Up2Date 9.103 Released

A new Up2Date is available for Sophos UTM. Release 9.103 fixes some bugs and increases the stability of your UTM 9 installation. We have adjusted the WebAdmin permissions for some of the User Management roles, and introduced some new performance tuning for Intrusion Protection which will be further improved on a continuing basis to optimize this area more precisely per-appliance. We have also adjusted some notifications around RED and VPN tunnels. Read on for the package specifics.

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