New Amazon Web Services Resource Center

aws-1With a busy week well under way at Amazon’s re:Invent conference, we’re pleased to launch our brand-new AWS Resource Center.

It showcases many of the ways Sophos makes AWS security simple!  You’ll find a wealth of valuable information and resources that demonstrate just how easy it is to secure your AWS networks, servers, and applications with Sophos.  There are case studies, videos, guides, links to test drives, and much much more to help you get started securing your AWS infrastructure.

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Sophos UTM Advantage (9.3) is coming soon – find out what’s new!

UTM Advantage IconWe’re pleased to commence the roll-out of our latest major UTM software update: UTM Advantage (9.3).

More and more organizations are switching to Sophos UTM for their next firewall to take advantage of our all-in-one protection with on-box reporting, simplicity and performance. This release continues to add even more value and protection while making things easier for everyone.

If you’re not already a Sophos UTM customer, UTM Advantage (9.3) adds to the 5 great reasons why you should switch to a better Firewall. Watch our brief demo video of what’s new in UTM Advantage (9.3). The complete release notes are provided below.

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How much does cybercrime cost retailers? Here’s what you can do to stay secure

hackers-retail-dataRetailers and small businesses have been hit hard by cybercriminals over the past two years. According to a recent report from the Center for Strategic and International Studies, cybercrime losses at UK retailers alone totaled £505 million (about $800 million) in 2013.

Those costs could include lost productivity from impaired web performance, fines following data breaches, lost revenue from the theft of intellectual property, the costs of cleaning up malware infections, and more.

Sophos UTM provides the ultimate protection against cyberattacks on your business, protecting you not just at the network layer, but also shielding your servers and applications from attack; protecting your data from theft; keeping your mobile users safe; and helping you to secure branch offices and stores, even where there are no staff with IT experience.

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What do IT managers rate as their #1 firewall issue today? Our survey says…

Back in the summer we ran a little survey on SpiceWorks and almost 400 Small and Medium Business IT managers gave us their view on the main challenges they have with their current firewall. But some of the results weren’t exactly what we were expecting.

The #1 rated issue was the lack of reporting options

35% of respondents said their firewall provides insufficient reporting and 22% also cited lack of visibility into infected machines which speaks to a lack of useful insight too. Users are hungry for bandwidth and regulatory compliance is Insufficient reportingbecoming increasingly important so it’s not really surprising that IT managers crave a better view into what’s happening on their network.

What is surprising is that so few firewall vendors offer their users what they need. Compare the leading UTM/Firewall vendors and you’ll find just one who has over 1000 reports available built-into the appliance. I’ m sure you can guess who check here if you can’t!  At Sophos we prioritize  reporting and in addition to the on-box reports we also offer Sophos iView our dedicated virtual reporting appliance for those that simply need more reports or want to correlate reporting across multiple appliances.

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