New Amazon Web Services Resource Center

aws-1With a busy week well under way at Amazon’s re:Invent conference, we’re pleased to launch our brand-new AWS Resource Center.

It showcases many of the ways Sophos makes AWS security simple!  You’ll find a wealth of valuable information and resources that demonstrate just how easy it is to secure your AWS networks, servers, and applications with Sophos.  There are case studies, videos, guides, links to test drives, and much much more to help you get started securing your AWS infrastructure.

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Amazon Web Services Marketplace evolves to let you launch Sophos UTM easier

They say every cloud has a silver lining, and the powerful things you will find inside the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud excite many. But those treasures need protecting, and Sophos UTM lets you cloak your Amazon infrastructure in layers of security armor. Whether you are new to AWS or a seasoned veteran that knows how to wield their products and services, newly released features of the AWS Marketplace let you deploy select products easier than ever before.

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How to test drive Sophos UTM in AWS: Sign up for the webcast

amazonwebservicesAmazon Web Services (AWS) delivers a cloud computing platform that’s reliable, flexible and affordable. And we’re excited to offer a complete network security solution that fits seamlessly into AWS. Sign up to join our webcast on Thursday, December 12th, explaining how to take a test drive of Sophos UTM in AWS.

Sophos network security expert Bill Prout will show you how Sophos UTM in AWS provides all the features you need to protect your Virtual Private Cloud and EC2 instances, while providing secure connections for remote users, locations or across AWS regions.

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Sophos UTM in AWS: The world’s first elastic firewall

amazonwebservicesIf you’re familiar with Amazon Web Services (AWS), you love Amazon’s Elastic Computing Cloud (EC2) Auto Scaling. It allows you to scale your capacity up or down automatically, according to conditions you define. And we’re bringing this feature to Sophos UTM for AWS. Now, you can seamlessly scale up during demand spikes to maintain performance, or minimize costs by scaling back automatically during demand lulls.

In our previous blog post, we covered how Sophos UTM and the Amazon Cloud go perfectly together. But we also wanted to let you know we’re actively working to support auto-scaling groups for the Sophos UTM. True to EC2 auto scaling, it will allow you to expand a UTM “swarm” when your network needs it and contract it during lulls to save money.

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Amazon Cloud Security Made Simple

amazonwebservicesAmazon Web Services (AWS) delivers a cloud computing platform that’s reliable, flexible and affordable. And Sophos is unique in offering a complete network security solution that fits seamlessly into this great ecosystem. In fact, we make network security in AWS simple.

AWS offers the ability to build a scalable data center in the cloud, complete with reliable storage, low-latency networking, and even application tools. You can quickly and easily provision the infrastructure you need without any capital investment—it’s all pay-as-you-go. And you enjoy all the economies of scale that come with sharing a massive global infrastructure with hundreds of thousands of other AWS customers.

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Test Drive Sophos UTM in the Amazon Cloud at AWS re:Invent

aws-reinvent-2013Sophos customers will take Sophos UTM for a Test Drive on Amazon Web Services (AWS) this week in Las Vegas, at the AWS re:Invent gathering of developers and technical leaders from the AWS community.

Working with partner 8K Miles, a global cloud services provider and an early AWS Premier Consulting Partner, we created a dedicated cloud-enabled UTM running in AWS for customers to easily evaluate and test a variety of use cases. Customers get a view into how Sophos UTM running in AWS looks and feels while moving about the environment.

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