Sophos news in review: Sysmas prizes, Gameover do-over, and warbiking down under

sophos-sysadmin-throneWe have an extremely cool prize to give away as part of our celebration of the 12 Days of Sysmas. It’s called the Ultimate IT Throne and, even if it won’t give you any real powers over your users or your bosses, it will make you feel like a king (or queen).

There’s a lot going on that demands your attention at nearly every moment, from the not-so-aware user who accidentally downloads new threats like the re-born Gameover malware, to old threats like users accessing insecure Wi-Fi networks.

IT pros, we’ve got your back. (And if you win our IT Throne, we’ll get your behind too).

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What the security industry can learn from a great World Cup defense

world-cupLast week, I joined millions of people in cheering on Costa Rica during their improbable World Cup quarterfinal match against the Netherlands. Remarkably, the Ticos held a superior Netherlands team scoreless through 120 minutes of regulation and extra time.

The key to their defense was a level of coordination I have not seen from other teams. Throughout the match, every player seemed to be involved in the defense at every moment. They moved like clockwork, communicating and shifting positions to keep the ball out of the goal.

Wouldn’t it be great if security technologies worked together as elegantly and effectively as Costa Rica’s defense?

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Microsoft’s takedown of No-IP – there’s a better way to battle DNS abuse

no-ip-150Microsoft’s takedown of the No-IP dynamic DNS service generated a lot of controversy when legitimate customers were impacted by the disruption of 18,000 subdomains abused by cybercriminals.

Microsoft has done its fair share of good, frequently working with law enforcement to take out servers that control malware spewing bots, such as the ZeroAccess botnet. But in this case, Microsoft misfired and caused a lot of collateral damage, according to Sophos security adviser Maxim Weinstein.

In a new post at Dark Reading Maxim writes that the Microsoft vs. No-IP case highlights the need for “clear standards of abuse handling, and transparency on which service providers measure up.”

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Sophos Email Appliance offers Enhanced Phishing Protection

phishing-emailsWith the latest v3.8 release of our Sophos Email Appliance, we’ve improved the ability to protect yourself from Phishing attacks by adding support for both common frameworks used to validate email senders.

Phishing attacks often attempt to spoof or forge the source address of their email messages, pretending to be someone they’re not in order to fool anti-spam systems and users alike.

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See how Sophos Cloud’s simplified partner dashboard makes our channel happy (Video)

sophos-cloudIn a previous blog post, I discussed Sophos’s channel strategy with regards to Sophos Cloud. The new release of Sophos Cloud further demonstrates our commitment to our channel partners.

Our effort was rewarded with excitement and enthusiasm from our channel partners during our wordwide partner conferences. Many told me they believe Sophos Cloud is a game changer.

In this “new generation” of Sophos Cloud, we have made several changes on the business side to empower our partners to grow their business.

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How to deliver enterprise security for your SMB

cloud-150For nearly ten years, I worked as an IT guy. I was a desktop support specialist, a server and network admin, and eventually a technology director.

While I worked in several different industries—finance, software, non-profit—all of the organizations I worked for had one thing in common: they were all small and medium-sized businesses, or SMBs.

And, as an IT professional, I faced the same challenge in all of these roles: SMBs have many of the same infrastructure needs as larger enterprises, but I didn’t have the time, budget or expertise to implement enterprise technology. Antivirus is a great example.

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Life after TrueCrypt: 5 tips for better data security

truecrypt-replacementTrueCrypt is gone. The developers of the popular and free disk-encryption software suddenly announced that it was no longer secure, and advised users to migrate to another solution. What happened?

In truth, we don’t really know why TrueCrypt shut down. Some are attempting to revive it. But the fact remains — it’s time for TrueCrypt users to move on.

We’ve got simple tips to help you.

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The Sophos World Cup ‘dream team’: See which players made our roster

world-cupWhether you call it football or soccer, the FIFA World Cup is the ultimate sporting event. Thirty-two nations and the world’s top players, on the biggest stage, all vying for the chance to be called the world’s best.

To celebrate the World Cup, we picked some of the best players in the world and put them on our dream roster. And because we think many of the same qualities that make a great footballer also make great security products, we matched our top players with their counterparts from our product line-up.

Check out our roster — and let us know what you think. Who would you want on your team?

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Sales Engineer Explainer: Why Sophos UTM is ‘virtually perfect’

utm-virtual-150Editor’s note: The following article was written by Dan Ingling, Channel Sales Engineer, Sophos.

Perhaps saying “perfect” is a bit of a stretch, but there’s no doubt that our Sophos UTM solution is an industry-leading product that offers a comprehensive, yet simple approach to network security. What I really mean to say is that our UTM is perfect virtually – providing an outstanding base on which to build a flexible network security solution using virtualization platforms such as VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V.

We often highlight the flexible deployment options of our UTM product to partners and prospective customers, making them aware that virtualization is an option. Virtualization is not the best choice for everyone, but in the right environment, virtual UTM can offer unmatched flexibility, performance and scalability.

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