What healthcare orgs should know about the Anthem breach and HIPAA compliance

Anthem data breach and what it means for HIPAA compliance.The cyber attack on Anthem BlueCross BlueShield is being called the largest data breach ever in the healthcare industry, and a warning of things to come as criminal gangs and even nation states take aim at valuable health data stored by insurers, hospitals, doctors’ offices and others.

Anthem said the breach affected approximately 80 million customers and employees, and the haul for cybercriminals included records that could be very valuable to the thieves – names, taxpayer IDs, birthdays, medical IDs, street addresses, email addresses, and employment data, including income.

Just as the massive breach of Sony last year sent shockwaves of concern throughout industry and government, the Anthem incident is raising awareness of just how vulnerable healthcare organizations are.

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Deadly IT Sin #1 – are you guilty of mobile negligence?

mobile-negligence-150Smartphones and tablets are multiplying in your IT environment like crazy – whether it be the iPad Air used by your CEO, the latest Samsung Galaxy smartphone with its exposure to leaky Android apps, or the iPhone 6 your users are pestering you to configure for corporate use.

All those shiny new devices are a security and data loss risk you can’t afford to ignore.

You’ve heard of the seven deadly sins. Well, we think the 7 Deadly IT Sins are pretty bad too – and the sin of mobile negligence is number one our list of “thou shalt nots” if you want to keep out the hackers who are increasingly targeting these handheld security threats.

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Sophos wins Best Usability Award from AV-Test

AV-Test Best Usability 2014 AwardWe’re pleased to announce that Sophos has been recognized with the AV-Test Best Usability 2014 Award!

AV-Test regularly tests endpoint protection products, including the Windows component of our Endpoint Protection product, which we call Endpoint Security and Control.

Across multiple tests in 2014, “Sophos Endpoint Security and Control excelled consistently and thus earned the 2014 Award in the category of Usability,” said Andreas Marx, CEO of AV-Test.

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Sophos Mobile Security aces AV-Test review with 100% Android malware detection

av-test-150The expert product reviewers at AV-Test handed out awards for the best antivirus software for Android in January, and once again Sophos has aced the test with 100% malware detection.

Our Free Antivirus and Security for Android (Sophos Mobile Security) accurately detected and blocked every one of the 2,950 samples of malicious Android apps used in the test – and without a single false positive.

AV-Test recognized our app with a Protection Score of 6.0 (out of a possible score of 6.0), and we also garnered the highest rank of 6.0 in Usability.

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The top 3 ways public sector orgs benefit from IT security vendor consolidation

uk-public-sector-150Public sector organisations face constant pressure to provide crucial services within tight budgets. Even essential items like IT security can come under the budget boss’s knife.

At Sophos, we believe you can reduce the cost of IT security, see greater efficiencies, and save time – without compromising on the quality of protection.

Here are three big ways public sector organisations – from local governments and schools to police, fire and emergency services – can benefit from consolidation with Sophos.

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Why Sophos is a “breakout star” and a leader in endpoint encryption

forrester-150It’s an honor to announce that we have been positioned as a Leader in Forrester Research, Inc.’s new report, The Forrester Wave™: Endpoint Encryption, Q1 2015. We think this is strong validation that Sophos SafeGuard Enterprise Encryption 7 is among the very best encryption products available on the market today.

According to the report, “Sophos was the breakout star in this Forrester Wave evaluation, touting strong hardware-based encryption support, external media encryption policy flexibility, and file-level encryption functionality.”

What’s especially rewarding about our position as a Leader is that we believe it shows how our entire company contributes to our success, including our engineering, product management, sales and customer support teams.

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Are you compliant with the upcoming EU Data Protection Regulation? Find out in just 60 seconds

complianceIf you hold data on EU citizens, including customer details, payment information or healthcare records, you need to be aware of the upcoming EU Data Protection Regulation.

It will require organizations – wherever they are in the world – to implement “appropriate measures” to secure personal data. Fines for breaches will range up to €100 million or 5% of annual turnover.

Do you have the necessary data protection measures in place? Find out with the Sophos 60-Second Compliance Check. No registration required!

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