What the security industry can learn from a great World Cup defense

world-cupLast week, I joined millions of people in cheering on Costa Rica during their improbable World Cup quarterfinal match against the Netherlands. Remarkably, the Ticos held a superior Netherlands team scoreless through 120 minutes of regulation and extra time.

The key to their defense was a level of coordination I have not seen from other teams. Throughout the match, every player seemed to be involved in the defense at every moment. They moved like clockwork, communicating and shifting positions to keep the ball out of the goal.

Wouldn’t it be great if security technologies worked together as elegantly and effectively as Costa Rica’s defense?

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Windows XP retirement: reminder, Java support has also now ended

xp-retirementWe may yet be accused of “going on” about the recent retirement of XP, but we feel justified in doing so as any systems you have that are still running XP will become more vulnerable over time.

Last week we saw a reminder that Oracle will not be issuing an update to Java on XP on the 15th July when it releases its regular update.

When we asked SophosLabs what they thought about Java on XP and the change in support status, they said that Java had been hard work even for supported operating systems – and so with no support for Java on XP there was no prospect of it getting any better.

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Life after TrueCrypt: 5 tips for better data security

truecrypt-replacementTrueCrypt is gone. The developers of the popular and free disk-encryption software suddenly announced that it was no longer secure, and advised users to migrate to another solution. What happened?

In truth, we don’t really know why TrueCrypt shut down. Some are attempting to revive it. But the fact remains — it’s time for TrueCrypt users to move on.

We’ve got simple tips to help you.

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Cut out the stress – try Sophos Cloud for free

stress-ballWhen it comes to job stress, IT admins probably rank near the top. In the United States, a big majority of IT workers say they’ve had just about enough – according to a recent survey by GFI Software, 79% say they are looking to leave their jobs.

IT admins in the UK are only slightly better off – 68% say they want out of their jobs.

But should we really be surprised? Overly-complex systems and constant demands from users for new devices and services could be a big contributor to stress. We’ve got a simple solution — Sophos Cloud.

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Sophos survey: IT departments expect more Macs, but most aren’t encrypting them


People using Macs on corporate networks used to be rare. But today a lot more people want to use Macs over Windows at their jobs.

We wanted to take a look at how IT departments handle security for both Macs and Windows, so we asked IT pros in the Spiceworks community to answer a quick survey.* The results were unsurprising in some respects – Macs are growing in numbers, and security is becoming more of an issue.

But we also found out that, similar to how businesses handle data security in the cloud, a lot of IT departments aren’t currently encrypting data on Macs.

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Introducing Sophos Mobile Control 4.0: Why we’re charged up about the new SMC (Video)

mobile-cloudWe’re pleased to announce the release of Sophos Mobile Control 4.0, a major upgrade to our enterprise mobile management solution, with complete data protection and a simplified user interface.

Dan Schiappa, SVP and GM of Sophos Enduser Security Group, says Sophos Mobile Control (SMC) 4.0 delivers on our promise of comprehensive data protection, allowing you to manage, secure and protect not just your devices, but also the content and applications on those devices.

Watch our short video to see why we’re charged up about SMC 4.0 – plus, hear from the Vancouver School District about why they are a customer.

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Are businesses securing mobile data shared in the cloud? These survey results may surprise you (Infographic)

cloud-servicesDropbox, Google Drive, iCloud, Amazon … the list goes on. With so many free storage services available for easily sharing files in the public cloud, a lot of users are jumping at the convenience, without considering security.

Unfortunately, many IT departments seem to be going for convenience over security as well. When we asked 700 IT professionals how they handle security of cloud services, a majority of them said they don’t currently encrypt corporate data shared on cloud services (65%). That’s a huge liability.

Check out our infographic to see the results of the survey — you might be surprised just how wide-open our shared data really is.

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Windows XP retirement: Using Sophos products to secure XP

xp-retirementIn April, Microsoft retired its long serving Windows XP operating system. As we’ve mentioned, we will continue to support XP for at least another 18 months.

While this gives you time to move to newer solutions, it means another year and half where you might be running systems that are not maintained by Microsoft.

So here are some tips on how you can use Sophos products to maintain security for your yet-to-be-decommissioned XP systems during the transition period.

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New release of Sophos Antivirus for NetApp

Version 3.0 of our high-performance malware scanner for NetApp filers, Sophos Antivirus (SAV) for NetApp, is now available.

The new version of SAV for NetApp, a component of Sophos for Network Storage, supports Data ONTAP C-mode and clustering, along with legacy 7-mode scanning. In either C-mode or 7-mode, SAV for NetApp provides the ability to protect multiple filers with a single scanning server.

The new release also brings reliability improvements and support for Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2012 R2.

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New features available in PureMessage for UNIX v6.1

puremessageWe’re pleased to announce the availability of PureMessage for UNIX v6.1, including a number of new enhancements you – our customers and partners – have requested.

Of course, we encourage you to keep your PureMessage infrastructure up to date. Updating to the latest version gets you all the new features and technology improvements.

If you’re still running v5, we advise you to review the Getting Started Guide and plan your move to v6 at your earliest opportunity.

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