Why Sophos is a “breakout star” and a leader in endpoint encryption

forrester-150It’s an honor to announce that we have been positioned as a Leader in Forrester Research, Inc.’s new report, The Forrester Wave™: Endpoint Encryption, Q1 2015. We think this is strong validation that Sophos SafeGuard Enterprise Encryption 7 is among the very best encryption products available on the market today.

According to the report, “Sophos was the breakout star in this Forrester Wave evaluation, touting strong hardware-based encryption support, external media encryption policy flexibility, and file-level encryption functionality.”

What’s especially rewarding about our position as a Leader is that we believe it shows how our entire company contributes to our success, including our engineering, product management, sales and customer support teams.

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Are you compliant with the upcoming EU Data Protection Regulation? Find out in just 60 seconds

complianceIf you hold data on EU citizens, including customer details, payment information or healthcare records, you need to be aware of the upcoming EU Data Protection Regulation.

It will require organizations – wherever they are in the world – to implement “appropriate measures” to secure personal data. Fines for breaches will range up to €100 million or 5% of annual turnover.

Do you have the necessary data protection measures in place? Find out with the Sophos 60-Second Compliance Check. No registration required!

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Introducing Next-Gen Enduser Protection

ngeupToday, we’re pleased to introduce updates to our Endpoint Protection, SafeGuard Encryption and Mobile Encryption products that deliver on our vision of Next-Generation Enduser Protection (NGEUP).

NGEUP provides more effective and simpler-to-manage security for enduser devices and data by integrating innovative endpoint, mobile and encryption technologies. It is a stepping stone to achieving our Project Galileo vision of next-generation enduser, server and network technologies all working together as a unified, cloud-managed security system.

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Why security is failing #2: Complexity

virtualization-securityYesterday, I wrote about the first of three reasons that the mainstream approach to security is failing to meet businesses’ needs: incomplete protection.

Today I’m back with the second part of the series, focused on reason #2: complexity.

As security guru Bruce Schneier says, “complexity is the worst enemy of security.” Yet sometimes it seems that if you want advanced security, you have to have an advanced degree. Why exactly is security so complicated?

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Why security is failing #1: Incomplete protection

pass-failThe disjointed, piecemeal approach to security that is prevalent in the industry today is failing to meet businesses’ needs.

We see the results every day, from news headlines like the Sony hack to the thousands of businesses that have been affected recently by Cryptowall and other ransomware, banking Trojans like Vawtrak, and targeted attacks.

We also see it in the many IT professionals that come to us and our partners looking for a better way to secure their organizations.

This will be the first of three posts exploring the ways that the security industry is letting businesses down.

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Firewalls, encryption, and next-generation endpoint protection – the Sophos ASEAN webinar series

roadshowWe’re excited to announce the line-up for our Sophos ASEAN webinar series — a virtual platform for end users and channel partners to get up to date on computer security news, opinion and advice on how to navigate the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape.

This webinar series features our top security experts in the ASEAN region, and covers three of the most pressing concerns IT departments are facing in 2015, showing you how to manage issues of firewall performance, what to expect from the next generation of endpoint security, and how to use encryption to protect data without slowing down users.

Learn more about these webinars below, and be sure to reserve your seat!

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5 things you should know about the EU Data Protection Regulation (even if you’re not from the EU)

eu-data-protection-150If you haven’t heard about it by now, it’s time you learned more about the upcoming EU Data Protection Regulation, which applies to anyone collecting data on European Union citizens.

What does the regulation say about your responsibilities to protect personal data? Here are five things you need to know about the regulation and what you need to do to get compliant.

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