Email encryption that makes compliance easy and users happy

secure-email-gateway-transparent-encryptionLike everything else we do at Sophos, we’ve made protecting your email simple. Now our Email Appliance includes cutting-edge technology that simplifies encryption, so you can easily stay compliant with data regulations and stop worrying about sending sensitive emails.

Our patent-pending Secure PDF eXchange (SPX) email encryption offers a better alternative to traditional encryption solutions, which are often hard to manage and disruptive to your workflow.

Conventional certificate-based systems force you to invest in expensive and complex infrastructure. And webmail services redirect users to portals outside their domain to retrieve confidential information, often triggering suspicions of phishing.

Our unique, password-protected SPX Encryption gives you the security you need, without the drawbacks of other solutions.

  • Setup is simple—just activate the SPX Encryption option on your Sophos Email Appliance.
  • Easily define encryption policies using the policy wizard. Establish rules based on attributes including the presence of sensitive data (as determined by the DLP engine), sender, recipient, message content, attachments, message header, and more.
  • No client software installation required. SPX Encryption uses built-in, cross-platform PDF reader software.
  • Flexible password management options to fit the user experience you want, such as user registration, auto-generated, and web services integration.
  • Promote trust and familiarity for recipients with the flexible branding options, including customizable templates, cover pages and portal sites.

A seamless user experience

SPX Encryption provides the best user experience in the industry. Users can work with their email as they always have, without disruptive changes to workflow.

  • When a user receives an encrypted message, they simply open the encrypted PDF attachment and enter their password to view attachments.
  • Off-line viewing allows mobile workers to access their email when they don’t have an Internet connection.
  • SPX encrypted messages are supported on all popular smartphone platforms with native or third-party PDF file support, including iPhone, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile.
  • Secure reply capability is integrated into all encrypted messages, so recipients can send an encrypted response through the appliance without any encryption infrastructure.

Easier compliance

SPX Encryption with Sophos DLP simplifies compliance with internal or external data protection regulations and privacy guidelines. A point-and-click policy engine integrates with Microsoft Active Directory services, making policy administration simple and effective.

We’ve integrated SPX Encryption with our Sophos Email Appliances, and soon we’ll make it available in our UTM Email Protection. Deployment, administration, and support couldn’t be simpler.

By the way, we’ve published a great new whitepaper about keeping your email secure. Go download it now (registration required): Who’s Snooping on Your Email?