Why choose Sophos Endpoint Protection? Our innovative technology and threat intelligence

5 reasons to choose Sophos Endpoint ProtectionToday’s endpoint protection needs to do much more than blocking known malware. Your endpoint solution needs to be intelligent enough to prevent attacks based on suspicious behaviors, and it should be able to detect and clean up infections when they do happen.

Sophos Endpoint Protection integrates a range of innovative technologies to secure your Windows, Mac and Linux systems against malware and advanced threats such as targeted attacks.

We know that it’s not possible to have 100% prevention, 100% of the time. That’s why Sophos Endpoint Protection includes next-gen features like Malicious Traffic Detection and the Sophos System Protector. By correlating suspicious behaviors with threat intelligence from SophosLabs, Sophos Endpoint Protection identifies attacks that have never been seen before, and protects users from every angle.

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Anatomy of a ransomware attack: CryptoLocker, CryptoWall, and how to stay safe (Infographic)

From CryptoLocker to CryptoWall and beyondRansomware, it’s everywhere. We had hoped that the notorious file-encrypting ransomware called CryptoLocker was defeated after law enforcement knocked out its infrastructure last year, but CryptoLocker and its close cousin CryptoWall have come back stronger than ever.

Ransomware is malware that prevents you from using your files or your computer, and then extorts money from you in exchange for a promise to unlock them.

We’d like to show you more about the newest kinds of ransomware, how they work, and what you as an organization or individual can do to stay safe.

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What healthcare orgs should know about the Anthem breach and HIPAA compliance

Anthem data breach and what it means for HIPAA compliance.The cyber attack on Anthem BlueCross BlueShield is being called the largest data breach ever in the healthcare industry, and a warning of things to come as criminal gangs and even nation states take aim at valuable health data stored by insurers, hospitals, doctors’ offices and others.

Anthem said the breach affected nearly 80 million customers and employees, and the haul for cybercriminals included records that could be very valuable to the thieves – names, taxpayer IDs, birthdays, medical IDs, street addresses, email addresses, and employment data, including income.

Just as the massive breach of Sony last year sent shockwaves of concern throughout industry and government, the Anthem incident is raising awareness of just how vulnerable healthcare organizations are.

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SophosLabs research uncovers new developments in PlugX APT malware

SophosLabsThe notorious PlugX APT group is continuing to evolve and launch campaigns, most recently a five-month-long campaign targeting organizations in India.

PlugX now uses a new backdoor technique – hiding the payload in the Windows registry instead of writing it as a file on disk – according to a new technical paper from SophosLabs Principal Researcher Gabor Szappanos.

Although not unique to PlugX, this backdoor approach is still uncommon and limited to a few relatively sophisticated malware families.

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Deadly IT Sin #1 – are you guilty of mobile negligence?

mobile-negligence-150Smartphones and tablets are multiplying in your IT environment like crazy – whether it be the iPad Air used by your CEO, the latest Samsung Galaxy smartphone with its exposure to leaky Android apps, or the iPhone 6 your users are pestering you to configure for corporate use.

All those shiny new devices are a security and data loss risk you can’t afford to ignore.

You’ve heard of the seven deadly sins. Well, we think the 7 Deadly IT Sins are pretty bad too – and the sin of mobile negligence is number one our list of “thou shalt nots” if you want to keep out the hackers who are increasingly targeting these handheld security threats.

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Sophos wins Best Usability Award from AV-Test

AV-Test Best Usability 2014 AwardWe’re pleased to announce that Sophos has been recognized with the AV-Test Best Usability 2014 Award!

AV-Test regularly tests endpoint protection products, including the Windows component of our Endpoint Protection product, which we call Endpoint Security and Control.

Across multiple tests in 2014, “Sophos Endpoint Security and Control excelled consistently and thus earned the 2014 Award in the category of Usability,” said Andreas Marx, CEO of AV-Test.

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